Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's On Your Playlist?

Back by request is a variation of my guilty pleasure songs. But since I don't feel too guilty about this compliation (not like the 1st one I compiled), I will call this 3rd list a summer playlist. Most of the songs are fairly old. They are on my playlist because they stand the test of time. I can listen to each of the songs over and over again. 

I don't like to link up with YouTube, since uploads come and go, but I'll do it here. So until they disappear, you can click below on the song titles to hear them. The music is in no particular order:

1. St. Teresa (above) by Joan Osborne - Intoxicating beat.  A sympathetic look at a woman who is addicted to drugs and must support her habit anyway she can. I picture her high on a street corner in front of a church when a big statue of St. Teresa catches her eye. She is a human being who has fallen on hard times. "Every stone a story, like a rosary."

2. Crazy - Cee Lo Green - Love the lyrics and sentiment. A bluey-hip hop sound. 

3. Whenever, Whatever - Shakira - Great rhythm, great voice, great body (like you didn't notice).

4. All Along The Watchtower - (Written by Bob Dylan) Performed by Jimi Hendrix - An ancient song, which never gets old. The introduction is classic, and the composition builds and builds.

5. Give In To Me by Michael Jackson - Mega hits like Billie Jean and Thriller get more play, but I like his lesser known songs too. This one features Slash on guitar.

6. Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns & Roses - Speaking of Slash, his opening guitar riff  (and later solo) make this the memorible rock and roll song that it is. Nice lyrics by Axl Rose. Rose isn't a bad singer; however I would give ANYTHING to hear Freddy Mercury sing this; a pure fantasy, since Mercury died in 1991 before the song came out.

7. Rocks by Primal Scream - You have to love a song with brilliant lyrics like "Dealers keep dealin, Thieves keep thievin, ... Aint no use in prayin. That's the way it's staying."  This song came out nearly 20 years ago, but it sounds so current, doesn't it?

8. Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson - Kelly has a terrific voice, so I'm a fan. 

9. Someone I Used To Know by Gotye (with Kimbra) - Sure it was wildly popular all last year. But you know what? I still love it.

10. Get This Party Started by Pink - I always listen to this in summer. Pink is another good singer with a strong voice.

Extra: If that's not enough, play a song by Lana Del Rey - I realize she bombed on SNL. Was it nerves? She's a good musician who writes intelligent, atmospheric, torchy pop. I like her mezzo-soprano voice. Next time she'll have more experience performing LIVE.
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  1. Wow- guilty pleasures with explanations! There are hundreds of songs I could list- but will focus on songs I've heard on the car radio while cruising around on my current trip.

    "Rock Me Mama Like A Wagon Wheel"- not sure who sings it (maybe Zack Brown Band), a great sing along song about being on the road, with tinges of the Southeast, like getting back to Raleigh, hitching rides down the coast. I'm a Native New Yorker but have spent a lot of time in North Carolina, so I can relate. They are playing it on the country stations now.

    "Good Directions" by Billy Currington- it's one I only hear on car radios in the South. A nice sing along with a story and happy ending. Since there is some driving involved, I can relate. Spoiler: And, yes, the boy (singing) gets the girl (driving)

    "Redneck Yacht Club" by Craig Morgan- yes, boating meets beer drinkers. Partying by the lake, singing, and a little romance.

    "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down. OK- sometimes I switch to an easy-listening station. This is an ultimate romantic song, a depressed sentimental guy longing for the girl. There is a hint of memory enhancing (or drowning) substances, but that it's not explicit in the lyrics.

  2. I found out, after the fact, that "Three Doors Down" had played (with Chris Daughtry) at Jones Beach Nikon Theatre, this past Wednesday night. It would have been too hot for me, schedule last week was hopelessly crazy...but still, so near yet so far.

  3. Had some tough days- so I got some new earphones. On Youtube, was listening to "Shelly's winter love", "white line fever" and "Silver Wings" by Merle Haggard. Also got into some Pam Tillis, "take Me" (old George Jones song from 1966) and her version of "Silver Wings" mostly songs about travelling or with travel component. On my BB, I was listening to some awesome Steve Wariner tracks that I converted into MP3s

  4. Barry, you'd do very well in Nashville.

  5. Further on "Rock Me Momma"- it seems to be stuck on the playlist at WIRK in Palm Beach. The song is on YouTube here the artist is "Darius Rucker" who is new to me, but it does sound a lot like Zack Brown Band. I go on extreme working jags, and this song is better than caffeine for getting in a bouncy mood.

  6. @Barry: First time I've listened to this song. I don't know this artist.

    I like the sound of a fiddle/violin in a comtemporary song, one of the reasons I like John Mellencamp.