Thursday, June 6, 2013

At The Red Brick Cottage

Photo by JJS
The Red Brick Cottage is a charming gift shop and home decorating store, located in Radciff, Kentucky.  A family business for nearly 30 years, the country store specializes in "colonial" and "primitive" goods, offering custom gift baskets and beautiful, high end home accessories. The shop is 6,000 square feet in size, where you can spend hours browsing.  However if you can't make a trip to Radcliff, you can order items from their website. The selection is vast, practical and lovely, so you may spend hours looking there (i.e online) too. The items -- including furniture, garden tools, kitchenware, candles, bedding and food -- are more than just eye-candy, they fill needs.
Find adorable, unique, merchandise for your home, or wow family and friends with gift baskets filled with floral or edible goodies at very reasonable prices.

All the cute articles in the photos are for sale, except for the cat resting in a bowl. He stays at the store.
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  1. Everyone love gifts and surprises and if its come in a Gift Baskets then its awesome because basket contain different type of gift. I love gift basket to give loved one.