Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day: A Good Man Is Not Hard To Find

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My Dad, bless his soul, was 100% there for me all through the years. All children need someone reliable watching their backs. I could always count on my father's good judgment and kind heart. We could argue and still be closely connected. There were times when he was very exasperated with me; and there were times when I was ANGRY with him. Many times I knew I was right, and he was soooo wrong, even if later he turned out to be right.

Fathers don't have to be perfect, or agree with you on everything. They just have to be present. 

Sometimes my father was present ... whether he should have been, or not. When I was a child, I took catechism classes to make my First Holy Communion. As a creative project, our teacher asked us to make a model altar -- a table upon which the bread and wine are consecrated. Our family wasn't particularly religious, but Dad decided to help me. He took a small shipping cardboard box and cut out four legs. I knew I had lost control of my project when he retrieved a white, cotton handkerchief from his chest of drawers, ironed it, then proceeded to sew it on the cut out table.

Dad (of Anglo-Norman origins) was not even Catholic like mom and I; however, he was so motivated I didn't have the heart to stop him. I ended up making a chalice, candelabrum and communion plate out of aluminum foil to go on the altar.

Let me tell you, when I brought my altar to class, the other kids' jaws dropped. It was judged the best! Considering the extra help I received, I was sorry to see disappointment on several faces and felt awkward accepting a prize. Dad and I were just trying to get an assignment done, not cheat or win anything. Sometimes there's no stopping an enthusiastic parent. I might have asked for a few ideas to get started, but who knew he'd get so involved, or the level of his skills!?!

No one is perfect, but my Dad was special. The thing that made him special: He was a good man. I hope you had someone special in your childhood too, and if not, that you become a good man to your own children because you don't want to miss out at both ends.  

Fathers deserve treats and a good dinner to say "I love you. Thanks."

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Happy Father's Day! 

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  1. This was a great blog post. As the father of girls, I can relate to it- very touching and from the heart. On the shopping front, we had a family dinner at one of my favorite steak-houses, with delicious food and ties, no sweaters, no slippers, and certainly no belt (because my waist grew about 2 inches from the meal)

  2. Need some shopping advice- for my father's kitchen with tile floor I am looking for HEAVY no slide chairs. Found "RANIA side chair" at Pier 1, which also has cushions. Anything similar from others? Should I get online, or go to Pier 1 store near my Dad and just schlepp in the car?

  3. @Barry: So sorry, I didn't see your comment earlier. If I'm not too late in answering ...hmm. If Pier 1 has the chairs you want at the price you want to pay, I'd buy them. Done.

    You can do a search via Pier 1's website, Overstock, Amazon and on a website called "The Find" just to compare, if you feel like it. [ - the seach box is at the very top].

  4. @Savvvyshopper (Debbie) He wants chairs with arms so RAINA will not work, and I need to see how heavy they are (need heavy because it's a tile floor). Tomorrow, I have another trip and may try one of the big malls down here to see what's available. This is a case where online may not work hence need to put my butt in the chair. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the recommendations.

  5. With shoes and funiture, usually online is just for research. Then you go and try the merchandise. If you're near a big furniture mall, you should find what you are looking for. So people take measurements, so they can avoid mistakes. Good luck!