Sunday, April 22, 2018

What Can You Do For Earth Day?

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An old American spiritual says,"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands,'' and what an interconnected world it is. We, humans, are here to enjoy and take care of our planet. Today on Earth Day, is an excellent time to remember our responsibilities as stewards and ask ourselves can we do anything better to care for Mother Earth?

It turns out that "environmental plastic is a growing disaster." Most plastics are made from "non-renewable resources" of petroleum or natural gas, "extracted and processed by destroying fragile ecosystems." Think about it the next time you buy bottled water! And getting rid of plastic causes other problems. It isn't biodegradable, so plastic bags and bottles pervade landfills and our ocean. Producing and burning plastic pollutes everything on earth: air, land and water.
The concern is so great that New York City plans to ditch plastic grocery bags, bottles (sold in parks), drinking straws and plastic utensils. I use my plastic grocery bags as garbage bags and drinking straws to save my teeth from acids and stains, so the ban will be inconvenient, but a necessary one I'm willing to accept. "Every year 28-billion pounds of plastic ends up in our ocean," and it kills marine life. We can do better!

1) We can switch from plastic to paper straws and wooden utensils to cut down on waste. I need to look for reusable silicon straws to use (and wash) at home.

2) It is time to grab those reusable bags and bottles. Buy one of each today if you don't own them.

Mother Earth is so worth it. What other changes can we make?

3) Recycle electronics and batteries - BestBuy stores have drop off bins for each; Bed, Bath &Beyond accepts old batteries also.

4) Get creative and repurpose things you already own. YouTube tutorials can teach you how. You feel very clever doing so!

5) Enlighten yourself - Learn the ingredients, life cycles and eco-costs of everything you buy. 

Be a Savvy Shopper ... make a change today with Mother Earth in mind!

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  1. Dearest Debra,
    We both feel very proud for always having used our real utensils and cloth napkins. We have been born and raised in a country where the awareness for the environment was greater. Don't know if that still is valid... Sad how much ends up in the trash every day! Only in the name of so-called convenience.

    1. Yes, you can be proud! I am optimistic that younger generations are more environmentally friendly than was my generation. This year, I'm going to focus on reducing my use of plastic. We can also recycle and make things out of the plastics already in existence. I never buy bottled water and drinks. Rarely use plastic forks, spoons or knives. What is more difficult is all the personal care and makeup we us -- they are also packaged in plastics. But I'm not committed to reduing.

    2. Yikes, I mistakenly typed the word “not” above. Of course I meant I am committed to reducing the use of plastic in every day life.

    3. Got that from your overall view; don't worry! 💗