Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NARS Erdem Strange Flowers Collection

Poison Rose Lip Powder Palette shades:
Lip Priming Balm (nude)
Zira (shimmering rose gold)
Calypso (matte rose)
Damask (matte fuchsia)
Ottoman (matte scarlet)
Luxe brand NARS never disappoints. Its formula's and pigments are top notch and the colors are always beautiful. For spring, NARS collaborated with British fashion designer, Erdem Moralioglu. Designer Erdem is passionate about 2 things, the color yellow and flowers, which are reflected in the new NARS Erdem Strange Flowers Collection. The new launch includes an innovative dry powder lip palette, 6 lipsticks, 2 blushes, a highlighter stick and blotting paper. The lipsticks are $28, the blush $30 and the 3 palettes go for $49. 
6 lipstick colors: Bloodflower (bright cherry red), Moon Orchid (sheer light pink), Larkspur (sheer orchid), Voodoo Lily (sheer muted lavender), Wild Flower (deep plum purple), , Carnal Carnation (sheer raspberry red)
The Erdem Strange Flowers Collection has a bouquet of nude colors with simmer. Lipsticks and eyeshadow hues range from bare to bold, from sheer to intense. 

The blush comes in 2 colors - Loves Me (Strawberry pink with golden shimmer) and Loves Me Not (Soft lavender pink). The blushes are created to be layered and blendable.

The 2 eyeshadow palettes are matte shades. Inspired by garden flowers, they reflect light.

Fleur Fatale Eyeshadow Palette shades:
Mythios (shimmering ivory)
Thistle (metallic mink)
Flourish (shimmering steel blue)
Belladonna (matte soft brown)
Daydream (shimmering copper)
Holly Hock (satin mulberry)
Night Garden Eyeshadow Palatte shades:
Oleander (shimmering pale gold)
Indio (satin forest green)
Reborn (satin marigold)
Fauna (matte deep brown)
LSprung (satin midnight blue)
NARS is pricey, but the pigments last all day. Personally, I would splurge on a lipstick, but not a lip palette. Chances are, you will not use all the lip colors in a lip palette. Blush is another splurge makeup item where rich pigments matter. Eyeshadow, not so much -- so save (see budget-friendly Maybelline). Nonethess and for sure, these palettes are beautiful!

What are your picks?

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