Monday, January 8, 2018

Eye Shadow Launches: Chanel & NARS

Eyeshadow palettes are so chic and pretty, it's impossible not to take notice when beauty companies launch new ones. Designed with colors to mix and match to create a variety of looks, you can go from subtle to dramatic by layering the shades.

Chanel just launched the above Les 9 Ombres palette, which it calls multi-effects shadows. Created by Lucia Pica, the combination of bold and neutral tones are inspired by the frescoes of Pompeii. The 9 long-lasting shades are a medium intensity pigment to make them ultra blendable. Cost: $70
NARSissist Wanted (above↑) is another new high-end eyeshadow palette from retailer NARS. Launched in December, it is also formulated to be very blendable and have staying power. The 12 lovely shades come in 4 textures: mats, shimmers, statins and glitters. Featured are seductive nudes, shimmering rose golds and a versatile range of pale pinks. Cost: $59.
Certainly, the quality is top-notch coming from Chanel and NARS, but if you'd rather spend much less on your eyeshadow palettes, you would not be disappointed with the many choices of Maybelline palettes. The prices may be less, but the quality, selection of colors and rich pigments are high-end. Previously, I reviewed Maybelline's larger (4 palettes of 12 shades) known as The Nudes. The last one here. Cost: About $10 each.
3 of the 7 Maybelline City Minis
Furthermore, last year Maybelline launched 7 City Mini palettes, which are equally stunning, blendable and wearable. Cost: $6-$8, depending on where you buy it.
Joining the 7 other Maybelline City Mini palettes is the newest, The City Mini Palette Shayla with 6 new dramatic hues. Just like the luxe brands, the shimmers are not stark or overwhelming, yet appear polished and natural. Plus, there is no annoying fallout. The Maybelline shadow stays put.

It's always worth knowing what the high-end brands are bringing out. Occasionally you may wish to splurge, but Maybelline (and lately L'Oreal) have truly stepped up their game. For a bit of glamour, customers can't go wrong with any of the eyeshadow palettes. They are all gorgeous!

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  1. Such great information here, Debra. I love wearing eye shadows in the evening, and, contrary to what conventional wisdom says about those of us over 60, I do wear shimmery eye shadows at night, but I put a matte shadow in the same or slightly contrasting shade over it to dim the lights a little bit. It's much more subtle but still gives a bit of bling to your eye makeup. These palettes are all lovely, although I would probably go w/the Maybelline and L'Oreal on price point alone. When I splurge it is on my face makeup where I do believe you get what you pay for.

    Happy New Year, my friend.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Hi M-T,

      Great to get your thoughts.I agree about Maybelline. I love the two luxe brands, but usually decide to splurge on skincare, a serum, for example. Not usually eyeshadow or lipstick.💄 A good brand, but less expensive than Chanel despite loving the entire line.I’ve had good luck with Chanel’s less costly sister company, Bourjois. However lately, it has gone missing. So many other choices though. Happy New Year!🎆

    2. It seems they have discontinued Bourjois, and I loved it, too. What a pity! I do have a new high end favorite lipstick -- YSL's creamy lipsticks have amazing staying power. Have three shades and love them all. Started with Route Tuxedo and was hooked.

      Cheers, M-T

    3. I've heard good things about YSL lipstick and will have to look for it! L'Oreal discontinued their "Enless" line. A woman needs at least one long lasting lipstick.