Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Skirted Swimsuit

From Lands End, a swimsuit style I tend to select for myself.
Wish the body and tan were included! Now let's add a skirt.
Brrrr, it's been very cold here for a stretch of days. Let's take our minds off of shivering and return to the balmy days of summer for a moment.

Last July I spent the night with New Jersey friends who have a swimming pool. The wife lent me a swimsuit. Funny, I would not have picked the style off of a clothing rack. A one-piece with an adorable skirted bottom, it was very comfortable in-and-out of the water. Now I want one too!

Look at some of these cute possibilities. It goes to show that sexy can come in a one-piece or a tankini (which is like a one-piece) with a skirted bottom. We don't have to walk around nearly naked to be sexy, and in public it's often better if we don't.😊

Enlarged the images with a click.
 Anne Cole Solid Sarong
Profile by Gottex Serendipity Cinch-Tie Slit
Miraclesuit Cheetah Love Knot 

Sophisticated is the new sexy, no? These are far from a grandmother's bloomers. How do you feel about a skirted swimsuit? Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Hi Debbie and Happy New Year. I am home from my trip and trying to get back into gear in the Land of Blogs. The swimsuits are very timely for us, the heat here is appalling - can't believe it was 39c here today, and last week I was in the snow at nearly -30c and loving it! These extremes of temperature have not done my skin any favours. I love that first swimsuit in cobalt blue, one of my fave colours.

    1. What a change! So you enjoyed your first white Christmas. Glad to see your comments again. Welcome back, Trish!

      I think I have to agree with you about the colbalt blue swimsuit being my favorite. The blue, yes of course lovely. The cut of the skirt is super cut, and the way the body folds looks flattering.