Thursday, January 18, 2018

Let's Faux Fur It Today

Urbancode Faux Faur Oversized Stole Scarf
I embrace the robust fake fur craze wholeheartedly. If you live in Siberia or Antarctica, few humans should fault you for dressing in head-to-toe animal furs in order to keep from freezing to death, but the truth is: technology has moved forward with synthetic fabrics to the point where wearing real fur is probably unnecessary. Some of the new synthetics are developed with the ability to keep bodies warm in severe sub-zero temperatures. And they cost much less too!

I favor fake fur for a number of reasons. Lots of style is available for less moola, there's no animal cruelty involved, and it fills the need efficiently. Faux fur also warms bare arms and shoulders in breezy-yet-milder temperatures, whereas real fur might be too warm.

Let's do a faux fur roundup. While "liberated" fur adorns many articles of clothing from sweaters to shoes, below I'll limit my selection to coats, jackets and stoles ... which tend to have the dual function of providing fashion and warmth:

Moss Copenhagen Coat

Adrianna Papell Wrap
Unreal Fur Abracadabra Jacket
Unreal Fur Abracadabra Jacket
Say What? Junior Bomber Jacket
Jayley Luxurious Stripe Faux Fur Jacket
ASOS 80's Statement Shoulder Jacket
INC International Concepts Vest Created For Macy's
Boohoo Faux Fur Coat

Real fur is no longer the status symbol of decades ago, and clothing manufacturers have gotten so good at faking it. Faux fur looks as fashionable as animal fur; and at a fraction of the cost, you can take a few style risks with "liberated" furs, such as buying wilder colors along with a goes-with-everything basic: black, gray or brown piece.  Less costly means having more fun ... with perhaps an extra! Do you have a favorite?

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  1. These do look cosy and warm - I think I would choose the Abracadabra one if I was in the market. On my Canadian trip I was looking out for fur, and while we were out in the community every day, I only saw one fur coat during the whole month. So, not so much in favour these days, it would seem.

    1. I had to go to Macy's last weekend for bedding and on my way to the 6th floor, naturually I had to look at women's clothing. I passed one small rack of real fur. Years ago, there was an entire fur department which seems to have disappeared. I suppose fur isn't selling as it once did. Younger people don't care about it and worry about animal cruelty. It is not as cold in Manhattan for the stretch of days as it once was, this year being an exception. And technology and fashion gives us other options to stay warm.

      Once upon a time, I got so cold in my wool coats I wanted a mink coat. But after I bought a goose down coat, it kept me so toasty I lost the desire. The goose down is light, has a hood and covers my neck so I don't need a scarf either. The last 3 or 4 winters I haven't taken my sherling out the closet. My goose down coat has spoiled me with not having to bother with extras: hats or scarves, and not having to dry clean it. When the goose down needs a cleaning, it can be machine washed and dried at home. Plus in a crowed establishment, I can put it on a chair or bar stool to sit on! I love that I don't have to worry or check it. I bet that's why people are wearing less fur. And with less popularity, it loses as a status symbol.

  2. Dearest Debra,
    Oh sure, there no longer is a need for slaughtering poor critters for their fur!
    The synthetic furs are so real looking and far easier to maintain as well.
    We all can dress warm enough for our regions so why not go by this concept?
    Sending you hugs from a warmer Georgia today but it will go down again, a couple of times as real spring will keep us waiting still!

    1. Makes great sense to me, Mariette. I love how society seems to have gotten very practical minded and less status minded about what to wear. And lately I try to be as mininalist as possible. Wear what I got out before buying something new. :)