Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Velvet Is Posh Again

Betsey Johnson embellished velvet shoes 
Does soft, downy velvet ever go out of style? Of course not! I have 3 velvet jackets, 2 velvet dresses and 2 velvet suits in my closet, and none were purchased recently. Velvet looks rich, dressy and glamorous, which is why I love it. It doesn't wrinkle, and you can wear it nearly all year around. 

Although velvet is always fashionable, it is making a huge comeback on the clothing racks of retailers this fall. Everything is velvet, from jackets, trousers and leggings to capes, hats and shoes.

On a trip to Express and Macy's, I spotted these garments:
Macy's - 3rd floor
Macy's - 3rd floor - Calvin Klein section
Macy's - 2nd floor - shoes
A velvet burnout fabric top is paired with a solid velvet suit in the left bottom photo. In the right image, the black velvet trousers look chic with a faux fur vest. 

Over to Topshop for a hot pink velvet pinafore dress:
Velvet in living color
Next a stop at TJ Maxx where I found these black leather ballet flats embellished with cute black velvet bows, our lovely fall trend. For $29 bucks, they came home with me!
A touch of velvet
Finally, a reach into my closet for an Anna Sui jacket I got at one of Macy's big blowout sales several years ago. Each sleeve has the brass buttons you see on the front, and there are two buttons in the back also. It pays to hold on to the things you love since everything old becomes new again.
Vintage velvet
I'm on this velvet trend. How about you?

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  1. I love velvet, but have not seen any of it here recently. Hope it comes soon! In the distant past I remember having both black and navy velvet dresses, and a velvet jacket. However, there are only a few weeks per year when we would wear such a warm fabric :( Maybe I'll find some in Canada?

    1. Oh Trish, what fun it will be to check out stores in Canada. I bet the velvet is in the stores there. Canada has a thriving fashion industry with dozens of talented fashion designers and I'd love to explore it.

      I have the exact colors of dresses you had: black and navy. The navy is a beautiful dark sapphire. They are cut in the fit and flare style with a round princess neck. They are so versatile, I got both colors.

      Can't wait to see your Canadian trip photos! But I also love the ones you take at home.

  2. Nothing feels quite like velvet to the touch and when wearing it -- so luxurious.

    I love all your choices here. I used to have a beautiful 3/4 velvet cape I wore to the opera. It had been Mme Mère's, but it finally wore out after two generations of wear.

    At the moment, I have a black velvet jacket and green velvet gloves. I'm so glad to see it making a comeback. Perhaps it will bring w/it a new elegance to dressing up which we sorely need right now.

    Lovely post, Debra.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Marie-Thérèse,

      Our clothes likely won't last as long as the lovely 3/4 velvet cape that Mme Mère bought. Don't you wish you could go back in time for a few hours and buy a few things at the old more substantial quality?

      Thanks for sharing. I love hearing your thoughts and experiences. Sounds like I'd love your black velvet jacket and green velvet gloves. I hope to see a new elegance for special occasions too. Much more fun when people bother to get spiffy.