Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cheap Wine ... And It's Devine!

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By law, Whole Foods can only sell wine in New York City at one of its locations. So every 6 months when I go to the dentist nearby, I buy 2 bottles of delicious cheap Spanish red wine. As wine connoisseurs can tell you, the price of wine does not always reflect the quality.

Whole Foods has spectacular wine under $5. Once it sold for a low $2.99 but increased to $4.50 per bottle. I buy 2 varieties: Listed in order of how I like them, but it is a matter of individual taste. Both are fruity, low in tannins and balanced:

Don Simon Tempranillo - Made with 100% Tempranillo grapes, a grape variety only grown in Spain. Not sweet, this fruity, complex wine has hints of strawberries and cherries. A good drinking wine with pizza, burgers, chili or any meat and potatoes dinner. I especially enjoy drinking a glass paired with extra sharp cheddar cheese on dark Lithuanian rye bread (or just saltine crackers). 

Don Simon Shinaz - Although also fruity, it's a tad dry (or tart) with traces of red currant, raspberries and a dash of pepper. A great everyday drinking, dinner or party wine also.

Spain (and South America) makes tasty inexpensive wine overall. In a wine store, I tend to trust wines from these countries. What a bargain Whole Foods' Don Simon wine is! There is also a Chardonnay to try. The reds are the wines I bring home.

Unfortunately, they cannot be sold at my neighborhood Whole Foods, and I dislike making a special trip over to the Upper West Side just for wine. So I don't stock them as often as I'd like. I can only carry 2 bottles home! Blame it on city bureaucracy -- hopefully, there's a good fairness-to-compete reason behind the one store law.🍷

Update: The last time I walked over, the wine wasn't in stock, so I discovered another delicious inexpensive wine: Three Wishes brand for $2.99 a bottle; I bought Merlot.🍇 

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