Sunday, December 11, 2016

5 New Maybelline Products in 2017

Photos: Maybelline
As stated in older blogs (which you can find in the search box), Maybelline has truly stepped up the quality of its makeup in recent years. At drugstore prices, it now rivils the luxe brands. With rich pigments and winning formulas, Savvy Shoppers can save lots of moola without compromise. Plus, Maybelline's inventory keeps improving, as well as, expanding. Here are 5 new products launching in January 2017, some are already out at places like Walgreens, Target and Walmart:

1) There is a new Maybelline The 24K Nudes palette, which I saw stocked already at Bed, Bath and Beyond(Sending Angie Smith, reader and friend of THE SAVVY SHOPPER, an alert: Go to BB&B ASAP to pick one up! You will love it like the first 3 The Nudes!!) 

The 24K Nudes palette reminds me of THE NUDES (warm, natural colors) with a bit of shimmer (like the Rock Nudes palette). All 4 The Nudes palettes are natural hues, with the Rock Nudes leaning towards cool colors; whereas the others: The Nudes, The Blush Nudes and now the 24K Nudes leaning towards warmer colors.)
2) More matte lip colors are coming out. Look for Maybelline Matte Nude Lipstick, as well as, it's Vivid Matte Liquids.

3) Maybelline Dream Cushion - is a full coverage cushion foundation that offers a luminous finish.
4) Maybelline Face Studio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit - is a palette with 5 color correction concealers, plus a pearly highlighter. There are 3 versions of the kit to match different skin tones.
5) Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot - A new mascara with a new brush and collagen-mousse-like forumula to keep it from flaking and clumping as it volumizes lashes.

Other new Maybelline products launching include a Brow Highlighting Pencil, Face Hightlighter Liquid in a tube, pigmented Baby Lip Balm Crayons and a special edition eyeshadow that is now only available on Amazon.

Most of Maybelline's products cost from $5 - $10. Where else can you get non-better mascara for $6, or a makeup palette with rich pigments for an Alexander Hamilton!? Plus, drugstores and BB&B offer deals, taking more money off. Look polished for oodles less!

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  1. Ooh, I like the 24k Nudes palette, very much, can't wait to try it in 2017. I am using one of their new palettes from this year - in fact have used Maybelline eyeshadow for about twenty years! I am a creature of habit! Those matte lip colours look good to me too. Very affordable and nice quality.

    1. I always love hearing what you think, Trish. Glad Maybelline sells in Australia too. Their makeup is too high quality and easy-on-the-budget to miss out! What's so great nowadays is the choice of colors. Yesteryear, I somethings spent $20 on a lipstick because the luxe brands had all the desirable colors. Not anymore! Maybelline (and all the drugstore brands) have as many colors or more than the designerbrands.

  2. Will definitely take another look at these new Maybelline products, particularly the mascara. I've been a Maybelline fan for years. An ophthalmologist once told me he recommended Maybelline mascara to his patients with sensitive eyes. Of course, that was a number of years ago and I've changed eye docs since then, but I always remembered his advice.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Marie-Thérèse, when I did a bit of research on Maybelline mascara, lots of customers said they liked the brand because it didn't brother their sensitive eyes, so the formula must still have mild properites.

      I love all the new Maybelline products I've tried. The lipstick is cheap, but excellent. You will love any of the products I featured!

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    1. Bet you say it to all the bloggers.:) Thanks, Smart Saqib, for stopping by!