Monday, December 5, 2016

Jarware Wide-Mouth Mason Jar Citrus Juicer

Not everything useful is high-tech, nor costs a million bucks. Sometimes a simple, cheap tool improves your life 100%. This citrus juicer sells for $3.99. I have a metal citric juicer that costs alot more, but using one hand to squeeze a lemon half with it is tough. 

Twirling the lemon (or lime) halves over the ridges of this gadget is much easier for me, and I get more juice out.

Furthermore, I especially love how this little gizmo fits right over a wide-mouth Mason jar! The rim (minus the medal lid) secures it in place. The lemon (or lime) juice goes straight into the jar. After removing the rim and juicer, I can pour cold water, sweetener and ice directly into the same jar to drink a refreshing one-and-a-half pint of lemonade. It is a one-jar clean-up!

Love the small footprint of the juicer when storing it away also. This little pointy juicer is genius engineering!

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  1. Hi Debbie, first thing first - I thank you for your visit and lovely comment! Do hope you visit us again!
    Thumbs up for the ingenious idea to fit the juicer into a jar!!!

    1. Maya, I love your blog, such a great find! I'm by stopping by many times, and I'm glad you found your way here. Welcome!


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