Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas Once Again

St. Peter's Square, The Vatican, Rome Italy
Can you imagine attending midnight mass at St. Peter's Basilica on Christmas Eve? Who must you know to get tickets ... His Holiness, the Pope? (I'd love to come, P. Francis, if you're reading this!)🎄

It has been a difficult year for our little ole world ... embroiled in war, terrorism, the rise of (blind?) nationalism and all kinds of other undesirable "isms" around the globe. There are deep fears and insecurity effecting how people vote these days. Some folks are worried about the rise of isolationism and tyranny similar to that of the 1930s. Countries are turning to conservative leaders and dicey ideologies out of worry, and I hope we don't pay a heavy price for such leanings with our future. Democracy needs to prevail; and at the end of the day, truth and compassion must win out.

After a turbulent 2016, we probably need a little Christmas more than ever!

Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque crèche at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
If you visit New York City, you can stop at the Met to see the 17th century Christmas tree and Nativity figures above. The huge, centuries old exhibit goes up every (late) November!
A "Christmas plant" in the corner of my Manhattan apartment.
Meanwhile, at home I put up some of my decorations. Just like Egyptian hieroglyphics, my "Christmas pothos" only requires vertical space. It is green, festive, and guests seem to appreciate it.

My apartment-size crèche on top of my entertainment center.

Least we forget, Christmas celebrates a humble, holy child who brought hope, peace, joy and a new beginning to the faithful in an uncertain world.

I borrowed this soothing hymn from my friend, Patricia of The Red Cardinal, who sings it in choir. It is a beautiful rendering and so apropos for our holiday season.

Merry Christmas Peace to Everyone all over the world!

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  1. A beautiful Christmas post, and thank you for mentioning the Red Cardinal, Debbie. Yes it has been a strange old world in 2016 and here's to better times in 2017. Yes, Christmas in Rome would be fantastic indeed :)

    1. It's always good to get your thoughts, Trish. Thanks for finding this lovely hymn for us! I hadn't heard it before you introduced it. I hope my readers go over to your blog to see all your Christmas pretties!