Monday, December 19, 2016

LED Stud Earrings In 9 Illuminated Colors

People who love Christmas sometimes wear over-the-top Christmas sweaters, or Santa Claus (or Reindeer) motif pins that light up. Are you one of those people? If so, it's not a bad thing, and you are probably a spirited, fun person, who knows how to have a good time during the holiday season. If you can't be festive and over-the-top to celebrate Christmas, when the deck-the-halls can you?
In addition to the ugly Christmas sweater and Christmas themed chotskies, look what else is available: LED Stud Earrings that light up in an array of colors just like Christmas lights! Amazon, some Etsy shops and Ebay offer them, and they are an inexpensive novelty item. 
The glowing studs are constructed of stainless steel and come with two tiny batteries. Some are diamond shaped, while others are star shaped.

Are earring studs that glow in the dark for you? If so, what color would you get?

Ho! Ho! Ho! You're welcome, my merry peeps!

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  1. This is the cutest idea!!! I thought I was quite clever wearing two bright red Christmas tree balls by hooking earring hooks on them, but these are way better.

    Did you get a pair for yourself?

    Cheers, M-T

    1. I didn't because this year I have no big Christmas parties to attend, only dinners and small gatherings, so I didn't have any place to wear them. But they would be fun to wear on other holidays too. If I get invited to a big New Year's party, I could see ordering the blue ... mainly because I love the color blue!

    2. If you order a pair, don't wear them to the opera. Or.....turn them off before the curtain goes up. LOL!!!

      xo, M-T

    3. I would be booted out! :)

      Last season at the ballet, there was a young woman who sat in the orchestea level and spent nearly all of her time reading her iphone email. I sat where I could see how distracting her iphone light was for the people who sat near her, and I thought how unbelieveable it was for someone to attend a live dance performance and not see much of the excellent dancing! We don't need to discuss how rude it was to the other patrons in her row.

      That's the effect I assume those blinking earring studs would have. I won't want to be that person.