Thursday, December 1, 2016

Two Faced La Creme Lipstick: Unicorn Tears

Unicorn Tears is one of the 10 new colors.

Two Faced has 10 new shades of their La Creme lipstick. The formula is a combination of creamy color and intense hydration. All 10 hues, ranging from naughty nude to candy apple red, are pretty and wearable.
Photo: New Beauty. A swatch of Unicorn Tears
I am wild about the shimmering Unicorn Tears color (above) for holiday parties, although I could also make a case for Wham!, an iridescent raspberry and Sugar Daddy, which is a lovely nude rose. 

Somehow the 10 new shades have a wow factor, as well as, an understated and classic look. As you can see from the color drenched Unicorn Tears in the images above, they flatter both fair and dark complexions.

A tube of Two Faced La Creme Lipstick makes a coveted stocking stuffer, or anytime gift. 

Do you like to pick out a shade for someone, or play it safe with a gift card?💋

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  1. Unicorn Tears (such a cute name) is very appealing, looks like party time to me. I have occasionally given lipsticks, sometimes when the recipient has admired one I am wearing, I buy them the same one as a gift.

    1. That's a great idea to give a friend a color she admires on you, Trish! It's so thoughtful.

  2. For some reason, the lipstick color looks like pale purple/lilac to me, which would not be flattering, at least on me. I will, however, check out the other shades. Lipstick is one of the quickest, most satisfying things a woman can do to make herself look and feel pretty. I never leave the house without it.

    Did you know that when the economy goes south and women pull back on purchasing clothes and accessories, lipstick sales remain the same or increase?

    Great post, Debra,

    Cheers, M-T

  3. P.S.: Forgot to respond to your very interesting question. Yes, as an Image Consultant, I always choose lipstick shades for my clients, but we always try them first to make sure they work. It's a funny thing, but depending on the color of a woman's lips, the same lipstick can look completely different from woman to woman.

    Cheers again, M-T

    1. Marie-Thérèse,

      I'm glad you chimed in. I enjoy hearing how you help women as an Image Consultant.

      No, I did not know -- in a bad economy, lipstick sells stay the same or increase! But how interesting, since it means lipstick is considered an essential. People pare down to essentials in a bad economy.

      Looks like Unicarn Tears is a glittery pink, with a blue or a blue-purple undertone. On the lips it seems to have been applied thick, but on the arm, it is lighter, with only a single sweep.

      I don't know if I could wear all the colors, but I really like all 10. I doubt I could get away with the dark plum. It might like too harsh on me.

      Also enjoy hearing what you think about a topic, M-T!

  4. It was the name that drew me to the post :)
    Fab palette of colors - burgundy is my choice - always :)

    1. Yes, I agree. The company has a talent for names. And the colors are beautiful!