Saturday, December 31, 2016


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I'm hoping 2017 is kinder to us than was 2016. On the dark side, we survived a nasty, polarizing election, as well as, the deaths of so many beloved luminaries in such quick succession that at times it seemed like fake news, another characteristic of 2016. Sad events are hard to shake off while still fresh.

On the bright side, The New Year begins here in the USA with President Barack Obama still holding office for all of 20 days. Personally, I will miss his intelligent, measured, informed and steady leadership.
The Obama Christmas card
Moreover, there has never been a classier First Lady than Michelle Obama. We should thank the Obamas for their dignity, focus on meaningful progress, and for inspiring us with their attitude towards their critics: "When they go low, we go high." We will do well to embrace their grace and positive example as our guide in tackling change and trepidations in 2017.

Furthermore, Malia and Sasha are turning into beautiful young women. I will miss this warm, down-to-earth family!  

Soon ... onto the next phase of their lives. As I understand it, when President Obama leaves office, he wants to mentor the next generation of leaders in the Democratic party, as it strives to rebuild. So we will have his leadership in another vital capacity.  

Taking another lesson from the Obamas: Change sometimes requires a call to action. Is something not what you want it to be? Get involved. Make things better!

To the readers of THE SAVVY SHOPPER, you are awesome! Thank you for the honor of your time. I love getting your emails and comments, plus cherish a few friendships developed with my fellow bloggers. Sharing our thoughts, interests and knowledge with one another is what makes blogging worthwhile. I love hearing from you and am grateful you stop by for a read. 

Warm, good wishes to all my lovely peeps all over the globe for a ...

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