Sunday, March 1, 2015

Make Waves With This Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser

Photo: Y.S. Park: The diffuser comes in two sizes.
The Japanese have invented a softer, better hair diffuser. Women with curls or waves often use a plastic diffuser over a blow dryer to tame and style their hair. It reduces frizz.

The Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser is cloth, not plastic. It weighs almost nothing. Top stylists report that using the Japanese diffuser leaves a wavy head of hair shinier, smoother and softer ... all in less blow drying time than when using traditional diffusers. Hairstylists also say that unlike other diffusers, this one stays put; ties prevent it from falling off the nozzle as you blow dry.

The nylon mesh on the front is infused with silver and titanium to produce negative ions, which reduce both blow drying time and static electricity.

Leave it to the Japanese to develop innovative beauty tools! Get better results faster -- cute ringlets and luscious waves with greater ease. This sounds like a terrific investment!

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  1. Hello Debra, I have never used a Diffuser, and was not even sure what they did. However, my longer hair is curly and unruly, so perhaps it is time I learnt more about it. Never too old to try a new trick!

    1. I love learning new things too, Patricia! I have straight hair and didn't realize until a few years ago that women with beautiful waves had to do anything to tame them. I just thought they woke up that way with maybe a little figure combing.