Thursday, March 19, 2015

On The Fringe Trend

Photos: Nasty Gal - American Retro Ewin Suede Jacket

According to Refinery 29, fringes -- a  garnish that gave a 1920s flapper her devil-may-care-swagger -- are back. Fringes are trendy in jackets, dresses, sweathers, shoes and bags.
Left: Glamorous on Lyst, right: Belstaff

The look is striking and playful. It would be a hoot to wear a fringed party dress to a gathering, wouldn't it? Oh yes ... sashaying in and out of a room with your trims blowing every which way. Fun!

A fringe is a fancy detail, yet it can look dressy or casual, depending on how you pair and wear it. Whether you dress up to look chic and sophisticated, or down to look western or boho, fringes are here to stay.

If only the examples I post on the blog, like this elegant Saint Laurent Trois Clous Tote bag, would magically appear in my closet!

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  1. Well, this is an interesting trend I hadn't noticed, Debra. I'll be looking out for it now. The little blue mini dress is very cute.

    1. The darling blue dress is my favorite too, Patricia.

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    1. You have a lovely blog, Julie. I love flowers!