Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's Talk: What's In Your Makeup Bag?

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Wow, look at all the stuff in this cosmetic bag! Full size makeup brushes, creams (of some sort) and nail polish. Where does a woman do her fingernails on the road? I mean ... would she polish her nails at work? In a public bathroom? On the subway? Hopefully not while driving!

I use moisturizers too ... but at home. On the job, I keep chapstick and hand lotion in my desk.

Certainly, I carry far fewer items on a daily basis than the above image shows. Just for fun, let's share what we keep in our makeup bag, one that fits inside our purse. Short of an overnight trip, here's what's in mine:

1) a compact case of pressed powder
2) a lipstick (Need a little blush? Doubles as one.)
3) a tube of sheer lip gloss
4) Erase stick for under eye circles
5) a soft crayon eyeliner
6) A small hair comb with wide teeth

That's it. My makeup bag is small. I hate being weighed down with too much stuff. And yet, I have everything I need for touch ups. Forget oil blotting papers to wipe my t-zone. I just blot an oily complexion with Kleenex, or in a pinch, toilet paper. What? It works better, in my opinion, because it's bigger then blotting papers.

I can understand carrying mascara, but I rarely wear it to work to avoid raccoon eyes. Usually I don't wear eye shadow during the day either, but many women do, and it's all good.

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your cosmetic bag. Take out any items you never touch. Also, remove makeup if it would upset you to lose it. I never carry one of my Max Factor Pan-Stiks in my purse. Ever! Pan-Stiks have been discontinued in the USA. Heaven forbid, it falls out or melts!!!
Not my Pan-Stik, nooo!

It's better to travel light whenever possible. Simplify your life!

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  1. Good topic, Debra. I too blot with kleenex or toilet paper when out! Usually I take only a tiny bag with pressed powder, lipstick and a lip liner. And a comb when I remember it. When we travel, I need two bags, the bigger one with all the other stuff in it!

    1. Patricia, when I travel I do likewise, have a second bigger bag with all the other personal care items. I love how light you travel for everyday!