Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dior Kingdom Colors Palette ... Because Who Doesn't Love A Pretty Palette?

Another stylish makeup palette joins the beauty market. Housed in a slender case is all the makeup a busy gal needs for touch ups. Carry it to the office, an evening out-on-the-town or overnight trips.

Dior's Kingdom Color Palette contains 10 makeup items:

For the eyes:
1) a dark cream eyeliner
2) & 3) two eye shadows
4) eye shine (goes over shadow)
5) skin perfecter (mattifies and blends eye shadow)

For the face:
6) a lovely natural blush
7) skin highlighter (for shimmer)

For the lips:
8) & 9) two sheer lip glosses
10) a lipstick (that matches the blush)

Dior has designed a color palette that is very French in spirit. French women are famous for their glamour without-trying-too-hard image. Think Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani or Eva Green. Each actress appears effortlessly chic. Likewise, the Kingdom Colors in this palette look natural, with a touch of shimmer (for the eyes) and gloss (for the lips).

In the perfect makeup palette, I'd substitute under eye concealer and face powder for Dior's eye shine and skin highlighter. But not all women (or men) would agree with me. I live in New York City and have met men who wear more makeup than I do ... but that's another blog.

The colors in Dior's new palette, the purple eye shadow, rosy blush and matching lipstick are universally flattering. 

And, having your cosmetics in one sleek portable case is the great appeal of a makeup palette. Your beauty essentials stay neat, and nothing gets left behind.

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