Monday, April 2, 2018

Would You Buy A CouchBed?

Let's say you live in a small apartment in a big city. Space is always a premium. Would you buy a multi-purpose couch/bed? Not all are equal or comfortable. And ... do you pay big bucks or less for reasonably good quality?
Usually, I side with paying more for better quality, but nowadays there are couches and beds (of decent quality) on the market which might only last for 10+ years, but also cost less, so it's a fair trade off. You pay one-third less, but can replace the piece 3 times as often.

In my own home I embrace minimalism, but still desire quality, comfort, function and good design. I love this CouchBed as a living room couch in a small apartment. As a living room couch, it could accommodate an overnight guest or go into a kid's room in homes with several bedrooms. It is constructed to be used as a primary couch/bed as there's back support to lounge, sit or sleep on it daily and nightly.

Comes in several neutral colors and could be placed on a platform if desired. There are two sizes: twin and queen. Cost: $299 - $399.

I like it! Is it adult enough? What do you think?

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  1. I like this couchbed very much Debbie. It looks very smart as well as comfortable, and the price is extremely reasonable - at least by Australian standards :)

    1. Trish, I'm so glad you weighed in as I value your opinion. If I hadn't buy a couch recently, I would be tempted by this one. The price is unbeatable and it looks as comfortable to sleep on as the beds-in-a-box are. Comfortable enough to sleep on every night, if needed. I love finding space saving, multi-purpose furniture!

    2. If I haven't "bought" - why do we not see our typos before hitting publish?