Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Rock 'N' Roll Odyssey

"The Stories We Can Tell" and "Brand New Tennessee Waltz" - Everly Brothers

My friend, Cara S., confuses the words "fan" and "fanatic" all the time. I know because she does it whenever she uses my name and the Everly Brothers in the same sentence.

The reality is the Everly Brothers were my father's favorite singers in the whole world, and I don't remember a time they didn't play in our house. Don and Phil have gorgeous voices and soaring, to-die-for harmonies. They are the best there will ever be. So I admit I'm a fan too. But in my friend's mixed up vernacular, she calls me an "Everly Brothers fanatic.” Maybe it’s because I had my picture taken in front of their plaque at the Country Music Hall of Fame and toured Studio B, the audio house of their early hits. Or perhaps, it’s because I replaced all my father's old Everly Brothers records with new CDs – and than ordered a boxed set, two documentaries and a biography. What took Dad years to collect, I bought in a few months, and that's what convinced her she had me pegged correctly. But, I’m not a fanatic – bless her heart – just a FAN who knows a good thing when she hears it. Clearly, my friend needs a good dictionary.

Amazon proved to be a great place to shop for my Everly Brothers' music. First, you can use the site like a library to search for albums, even if you buy elsewhere. Second, it lets you shop between many dealers across the country to find the lowest price. The tab “Artists Store,” is a good resource to see everything your artist released and what formats – CDs, DVDs, videos, MP3s and LPs – are available. Hit “Take Me There” to view album icons and hear song samples. Since it’s all on your screen, you can quickly assess what you own and what you need for your collection. Next you can zero in on a single release. Select the correct format, then click “New,” or “Used” for a range of prices. Amazon adds $2.99 for shipping, but it makes no difference from which state the item ships. I still paid less for each CD, verses walking into a record store. Because you are told what condition a CD, DVD, or book is in, I bought several “Used” CDs listed in “Like New” condition. Expect substantial savings.

I only buy music I'll listen to again and again ... and truthfully, I never – ever – get tired of The Everly Brothers. Next up – the EB exhibit at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. But shhhh … don’t tell ... Cara might stage an intervention.

"The Price of Love," Words & Music by Don and Phil Everly


  1. Hey now ~ I know a good thing when I see it and the Everly Brothers are at the top of my list!! : )
    Thanks for the super hints about Amazon... I've never searched this way before.
    Off to Amazon for some sweet deals!

  2. ps... where can I get one of those dresses made of Phil's photo? ; )

  3. Hi doglvr895, you are too funny! Thanks for checking in.

  4. You have a great blog here - all the more so because of your recognition of my favorite singers - the Everly Brothers! Thanks for the update, and keep up the god work!

  5. The video with the dress doglvr895 is talking about about was removed from YouTube by its poster, so I had to find another song. If it returns, I'll put it back up. That's what happens with YT. Songs disappear and show up down the line.

  6. These are two GREAT examples of The Everly Brothers' live music videos- One from the 1960's and one from a little later, maybe early 1970's? Two favorites, at any rate, by my favorites!