Monday, April 20, 2009

Where Value And Convenience Converge

I love drugstores. Sometimes I go in to pick up one item like toothpaste or Alka-Seltzer and end up browsing for half an hour. There are just so many useful items in the aisles of a drugstore, including cosmetics, medicine, cleaners, groceries, electronic gadgets and other household necessities. You can find everything from cotton socks, comfortable slippers and beach wear to greeting cards, emergency gifts and lawn chairs. Enter and you have the possibility of one-stop shopping. I especially like the weekly specials drugstore chains run on goods most people need in their daily lives, like breakfast cereals, paper towels and laundry detergents. At my local drugstore, I can buy a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs for less than I pay at the supermarket. What I appreciate too is you get a wide selection of excellent personal care products, at irresistible prices, making it unnecessary to go anywhere else for them. Rarely do I feel ripped off after shopping in a drugstore. Usually I leave satisfied carrying home staples, things I truly need at unbeatable prices. And isn’t that a wonderful feeling?

Here are 10 of my favorites – often offered on sale at "buy one, get one free," – and I hope you will add a few of your own to the list:

1. Pantene PRO-V Shampoo – Rich and keeps locks healthy
2. Aussie DEEEEEP 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner – Super! It really works.
3. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – I keep a jar at my desk while working and dab my lips with it all day long.
4. TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray – Detangles hair and leaves no residue.
5. Olay Complete Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 – I use it as a face moisturizer and sun tan lotion.
6. Dove Beauty Bar – Creamy, great smelling soap.
7. TRESemme Shampoo – The big size – 32 ounces – is a bonus and feels pure to hair and scalp.
8. [Drug store brand] Antiseptic Mouthwash – In Vanilla Mint and Citrus favors.
9. Aussie Shampoo – Terrific stuff! [Yep ... unmistakable pattern - 5 hair products on list.]
10. Cetaphil Moisture Lotion – Dermatologists recommend it.

And finally, on your next trip don't forget to bring your manufactures' coupons and dollar rewards card for extra savings.


  1. I wish I could add something to the list ~ but I rarely shop at the drug store... I mean, if I'm stopping in to pick up my allergy prescription I'll grab a little something, but usually I don't.
    However... after reading this post, I might have to keep watch on the specials and start shopping there!

  2. Thank you for commenting, zdoglvr895. It never hurts to check out the weekly circulars when you walk in the door.