Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Take a look at my new dress. One glance at this crinkled, polka dot creation by Komarov, and I knew I wanted it. It wasn’t just calling, but chanting my name. However, the hefty price tag – $239 – was more than I usually spend for a daytime dress, even one this eye catching and flattering. Sure I was tempted – and I like adding a classic piece to my wardrobe each season. But $239 retail? Yikes! Good things, like saving $150, come to those who wait.

Everyone has a ceiling price, the most you feel comfortable paying for a garment. It depends on income and circumstances. I understand spending hundreds of dollars for a dress if you live a public life that involves walking across a stage before a television camera, with millions of people watching, as you pick up an award. And in similar circumstances, I'd head over to Harry Winston's … Valentino's … and Jimmy Choos'.

But my real world routine involves going to work and attending a fair share of dressy, low profile functions, so I can get away with simply looking nice. And thank goodness, I don’t require a different outfit for every occasion. The fact is no one remembers precisely what I wear. Most people just remember that I look decent or pulled together. Or at least, I hope so! There's really no need for me, or the average person to overspend on clothes.

Besides when it comes to clothing, most everything goes on sale at some time. So it's totally unnecessary to shell out full price, because what you want will eventually be reduced by 30-40-50%, or more. Over the years, I’ve learned what looks good on me, and I buy well-tailored, natural fabrics and classic pieces that won’t go out of style. I also save hundreds of dollars by putting items on a wish list, then waiting it out. This strategy works whether I shop in a department store, or over the internet.

I spotted my Komarov dress at
Nordstrom’s at full price, put it on my wish list, and then waited for the price to drop to $89. Now I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can wear it. The waiting may be the hardest part, but it’s always worth it. Now let me ask, how much are you willing to pay for a dress?

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  1. That is a beautiful dress!! Nice job on the price. : )

  2. I won't lie. It was hard to wait, and I could have lost the dress, but then again something else would have come along.

  3. I love the hem treatment and color combination of that dress! Do you still love the dress as much as you thought you would? It certainly looks like a keeper!

  4. Loretta, I do! And I'm the type of gal who will wear a favorite outfit again. There's a fancy banquet I get invited to every Spring. I've worn this dress to it twice already! IMO, nobody remembers what most of us wear.