Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding Shoes For Discerning Feet


The human foot is a wonder. There are more bones in the foot than in any other single body part. And when you consider that your feet support the weight of your entire body and make walking, balance and dancing possible, you begin to understand why. So buying well crafted shoes isn't just a vanity, but a necessity. Skimp on footwear and you experience pain and foot problems. And certainly fashion matters.

Lands' End has a variety of comfortable, functional shoes. Their all weather mocs and snow boots rival Merrell’s for smart casual styling and top craftsmanship, but cost much less. And they often run unbelievable deals. I bought my $34.99 all weather mocs – already a fabulous price – for just $19.99, plus free shipping. For the summer I just ordered a flexible, contemporary Mary Jane to wear like a sneaker for walking and received 20% off.  

Another great place to look for shoes is They are known for their amazing customer service. You get a huge selection of shoes, a full year to return shoes you don’t like or can’t wear, and it’s all risk free, because they offer free shipping both ways. So if you order an 8 but find that what you need is an 8 ½, Zappos pays for the return and sends out the new size free of charge. I favor soft leathers that breathe, extra cushioning and sturdy arch support. With Zappos I find the item descriptions, rotating photos, and the customer reviews extremely reliable in taking the guesswork out of ordering shoes online. Other customers tell you if a shoe is true to size, has arch support, or needs to be ordered a size up. When I can’t find what I want in a shoe store, I usually can find it at Zappos. Do you have a favorite place to buy shoes?


  1. Since I have wide feet, I simply hate shoe shopping and usually order online. I had not heard of Zappos... will have to check them out!

    I love Birkenstocks and usually wear their sandals. I sometimes order from Lane Bryant for dress shoes, since they have a great selection of wide width shoes, and will return ship anything.

    Great hints!

  2. Thanks for adding more tried and true places to buy shoes!

  3. I'm pretty impressed with the Lands End shoes collection!! They provides truly comfortable shoes!! Love the red one!!

  4. Ivory, the red shoes are from Zappos.