Thursday, June 4, 2009

High Fashion Runway Meets Mass Market Retail

Like many woman, I try to buy beautifully designed dresses, skirts and pants that are well made and last many seasons – unless that is, I'm looking to add a trendy piece to my wardrobe. In that case, I don't mind if the dress or top only lasts a season or two, and I don't usually pay a lot of money for it. Sorry Tommy Hilfiger – but in general you can get away with spending less than $30 for fun (and summer articles) like tanks, shorts, tees and even dresses. Last summer I found a cute 100% cotton dress at H & M for $10, and honestly, I never fail to get compliments on it. Today, I wore it to a doctor's appointment, and my MD wanted to know where I got it! As it turns out, my doctor shops at H & M too. Obviously, our bad economy has hit everyone.

The exciting news is many leading designers, known for their high fashion couture and celebrity clients, are teaming up with mass retailers like H & M, Target, JC Penny and others to bring out a collection of affordable clothing for men and women. Now more than ever you can be cheap and chic at the same time. And why not?

Here are a few retailers who have hired famous designers and are offering trendy clothing at lower prices.
Target signed:
Alexander McQueen – He is known for his bright, vibrant patterns. Prices range from $23 - $80.
Carlos Falchi – He designs leather classic, yet modern handbags and accessories. Prices will be announced.
JC Penny hired:
Charlotte Ronson – Her line is called “I Heart Ronson.” She is known for her floral skirts and frilly dresses. Prices range from $15 - $65.
Uniqlo signed:
Steve Allen – He is known for his button down shirts and unisex, urban appeal. Expect to pay $39-$59.
Jil Sanders – She is known for her minimal aesthetic style and clean lines. Prices will be announced.
Max Azria – has joined Maley Cyrus to design a rock music inspired line of clothing and accessories for teens. Everything sells for under $20.
H & M signed:
Mathew Williamson – He is known for his fun, bold colors and prints. Prices start at $25.

And finally, remember the summer sales began at the end of June. You're sure to see generous markdowns and reap big savings.

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