Monday, February 4, 2013

Cosmeceutical Skin Care ... Say What?

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Cosmeceuticals is a new vocabulary word I leaned by picking up a street copy of a magazine called Image.  The free monthly is published by plastic surgeons, and according to them cosmeceuticals are the new wave in skin care.

 Let me sum up the article for you.  Our new word is a hybrid of the words cosmetic and pharmaceutical.  Cosmeceuticals are key ingredients with anti-aging benefits that can be bought without a prescription.  Common over the counter cosmeceuticals include glycolic cleansers, anti-aging moisturizers, skin lightening serums and skin tightening creams. 

Skin ages due to oxidation and free radical damage.  Sun exposure is a major cause of free radical damage.  Free radicals breakdown the skin's molecular structure leading to wrinkles and the loss of elasticity and resilience.

According to the article, studies show that antioxidants slow down free radical damage and can improve the skin's appearance.  Cosmeceuticals contain high doses of antioxidants, plus complementary ingredients like phytochemicals, enzymes and essential oils so that your skin can absorb the anti-aging ingredients.

Here is a list of cosmeceuticals -- 10 Active Ingredients -- to look for in high tech youth serums:

1. Retinoids (such as Retinol, a vitamin A treatment) speeds up the skin's natural exfoliation process, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by thinning and flattening the top layer of the skin.
2. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – Exfoliates the skin.  Encourages cell turnover.
3. Alpha Lipoic Acid – Erases fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks pores and reduces under-eye puffiness, improves circulation; brightens your complexion.
4. Glycolic Acid – A fruit acid that exfoliates the skin and speeds up the growth of new skin.  Promotes a smoother, fresher looking complexion.
5. Antioxidants – Look for vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid), vitamin E, green tea, Q-10, Vitamin B Complex. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help build collagen.
6. Peptides – Are tiny protein molecules used to slowdown the loss of collagen, as well as, stimulate skin repair.
7. DMAE – This ingredient may or may not be effective in lifting and firming sagging skin.  There is no consensus on whether it works.
8. Epidermal Growth Factors (EPG) – Fights the loss of skin elasticity and discoloration.
9. Hyaluronic Acid – is a protein that keeps the connective tissues of the skin moist; makes your skin look soft, supple and smooth.
10. Enzymes – remove dead skin cells.

To zero in on specific anti-aging skin care products to try, click the links below.  The first link explains face serums.  You can also peruse THE SAVVY SHOPPER's many posts on good skin care by using the "Search This Blog" box.  It's located at the bottom right-hand corner.
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