Monday, May 12, 2014

How Much Should You Spend To Store Your Stuff?

Call me parsimonious, because I ask myself this question every time I think about buying storage of any kind, whether it's a file cabinet, armoire, or Tupperware. I realize a few containers or cabinets are necessary for organization. It's easy to keep your home tidy if everything has its place. But oh man, do I deliberate whenever I consider bringing another storage receptacle home.

Usually I don't really want to give up the space it will occupy. So if the need for additional storage is greater than the hit, i.e. the loss of the space, I will bite the bullet. Although I'm sure before acting, I spend the next week looking at the new unit and asking myself if I made the right decision ... before I settle into actually liking the new piece.

Another issue I wrestle with is how much to pay for storage. It involves how much I value the things I plan to keep. Should I spend hundreds of dollars to keep them? Or ... should I get rid of the stuff I rarely use? Do I bring a cabinet into my apartment so I can hang onto certain things (clothes, papers, books, pillows), or would it be cheaper to give stuff away and buy it again, if a need arises?

After grappling with such thoughts for a while and deciding to take the plunge, I inevitably find I don't want to spend big bucks for storage. So I assess my needs thoroughly and look for deals.

Recently I decided to take the plunge by buying a file cabinet. File cabinets are expensive! 

Luckily, I found one (manufactured by Hirst Industries) at Target (which is also sold at Amazon, Staples and Overstock). It has 3 drawers and a lock -- 2 drawers for letter-size files and a top drawer for "junk." 

Since I don't need to worry about theft like office workers might, I accepted a few limitations in lieu of paying serious money for a heavy duty file cabinet. Basically, I just need to keep my papers and office supplies organized and occasionally away from prying eyes. The lock is good enough for that. Only the top 2 drawers lock. With a powerful jerk, the lock could be brokened open. Although legal-sized drawers are more versatile, letter-size drawers are idea for a small space. Constructed of steel, the cabinet won't fall apart, and the handles look expensive. It holds lots of files, making it perfect for a home office. I bought the pretty pearl white. Very nice for the price! $39 - $89, depending on where you buy it. 
I bought this caddy for it.

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  1. Pack rats will be hoping for more blogs on the subject of storage- well done!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Barry. :)