Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Max Factor's Pan-Stik Is MIA

A wonder cosmetic, one used for over 60 years bites the dust ... at least in the USA. Max Factor's Pan-Stik is no longer sold here. And what a dumbfounding loss it is.

During Hollywood's Golden Age, Max Factor (1877 - 1938) was the cosmetician to the stars, developing  cosmetics for the likes of Bette Davis, Claudette Colbert, Jean Harlow and Rudolph Valentino to name a few. It was Max Factor who coined the word, "make-up." According to Wikipedia, he became famous for "customizing" his products to "compliment the individual complexions of actors and actresses" so that each one looked flawless on screen. Legends from Marlene Dietrich to Judy Garland flocked to his shop near Hollywood Boulevard. 

Working with his sons (Frank and Davis), Max Factor took his silver screen expertise into the consumer world, and in 1948 the Pan-Stik was introduced. There is nothing like it for covering under eye dark circles, hiding blemishes or evening out skin tone. The Pan-Stik glides on silky smooth, looks completely natural and lasts until you wash it off.

Best of all, it was available at the corner drugstore -- a generous 14g (.5oz) size -- for about $6. Now consumers must fork over $40 and up for comparable Chanel or Bobbi Brown cover sticks, which come close, but don't outdo the Pan-Stik. What a pity that Proctor and Gamble, the company who bought Max Factor, didn't see fit to keep such a quality (irreplaceable!) item on the market. It's enough to make grown women cry, or drive us insane!

Even so, there is a silver lining. Although not for sell in the United States, a smaller 9g size Pan-Stik is sold in Great Britain. You will pay more and get less, but you can find it here through Amazon. It's now manufactured in Ireland, not the USA. 

Out of desperation, I ordered four "smallers" in True Beige. Honestly, somebody is laughing all the way to the Riviera. (Hey, glad we could help with your finances!) I have one 14g size left also. Thankfully, my stash will last for a while. 

Meanwhile, come back to America old friend!

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