Monday, May 19, 2014

Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

Every spring I purge and organize my apartment. It's liberating and brings a sense of accomplishment, especially in a small space. I start with my closets. With everything in its place, I don't even need to decide what I will wear the night before. Everything is clean, hanging and ready to grab in the morning.

Then I move onto books and paper. Ever notice how much paper you need to keep ... and how much space all that paper takes up?

Which brings me to a clever gadget I stumbled upon recently ... the Lil Davinci Art Cabinet. It's brilliant for displaying and storing your children's artwork in a tidy, orderly way. The cabinet comes in two sizes. Placed in a foyer or hallway, the Lil Davinci stores up to 50 pieces of artwork. Great for family photos and/or other flat mementos too. Ingenious and stylish! Why didn't I think of ... and patent it myself!

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  1. Ah, that is a very clever idea, Debra, and something I could have used over the years. I've been spring-cleaning, aka de-cluttering, over the past couple of months. It always feels so goooood to have a fresh tidy closet!

  2. Hey Patricia, I love de-cluttering, though it isn't always easy.