Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bed Toppers ... Slurge Or Save?

Years ago I bought a feather bed topper from Land's End. Since I prefer down-feather pillows to foam, it would be logical to assume I loved it, but it wasn't as comfortable as I hoped. One issue ... it forever slid out of place. 

Finally after using it for a while, it needed to be machine washed and dried, and some idiot put it away in a clear plastic bag without realizing it was still damp. (Ok, the idiot was me, and I learned my lesson. Even after down feels dry to the touch, wait several more days before enclosing it!) The topper got mold and had to be trashed.

For several years now, I've been without a topper. I have a firm mattress, and recently I decided to try sleeping on my stomach less ... and more on my back and sides. After a night on my stomach, I sometimes wake up with railroad-track-like-marks on my face, so perhaps sleeping in other positions is a better habit. Having a bed topper is ideal for back sleepers. 

Deciding against another feather topper, I bought the Comfort 2-Inch Orthopedic 5-Zone Form Mattress Topper (about $20 bucks on sale at Walmart. I selected two of the 2-inch thick size and stack them -- one under a cotton therapeutic mattress pad and the 2nd one directly under the fitted sheet. A bit of an experiment, but it works! The toppers are plush and comfortable: supportive with combined 4-inches of cushion.

The 5-zone contoured design feels nice! The foam is enhanced with plant-based materials, that are reported to be eco-friendly; and treated to stay cool and odor-free, i.e. selling points for me. (Probably an egg-crate design is equally pressure-relieving comfortable.) 

Surprisingly, I find the $20 toppers more comfortable than the $100+ feather topper was. You can also replace the inexpensive foam toppers often without feeling the pain!

This is one time when cheap-and-good-enough is better than expensive. Sometimes you don't need to buy top of the line.

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  1. That does sound comfy, and I'm sure you get a great sleep Debbie. Funnily, we replaced ours last week too, but I could not even tell you what it was made of! Not a very savvy shopper at all, am I, he he

    1. Ha, ha. As long as you tried it out in the store, you are a savvy shopper, Trish. :)