Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Uniqlo + Princesse Tam-Tam = Beachwear

Uniqlo, the innovative Japanese "lifewear" retailer collaborates with Princesse Tam-Tam, the chic French womenswear line to create a darling beachwear collection that includes mix and match  bikinis, one-pieces, cover-ups, sun dresses, shorts and resort pareos. 
Additionally, Uniqlo offers several useful and stylish beach accessories, such as sunglasses, flip flops and straw bags. The devil is in the details ... and as usual at Uniqlo, customers get quality garments with lots of inventive bells and whistles for less. As always, the prices seem too good to be true considering it's for durable, not fast fashion.
With pleasing prints, stripes and solids, it's a beautiful collection, much of it 100% cotton that you could wear all summer long to the beach, pool or resort. The swimsuits contain a bit of shape flattering spandex.
The 100% cotton Women's PTT Pareo (above) can be styled as a dress or wraparound skirt. It also comes in red and the green floral print. All items in this elegant collection range between $9.90 - $29.90. Resort/beachwear at a steal!

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  1. This is interesting Debbie. Uniqlo came to our area a year or two ago, and I have not yet tried their clothing. To be honest, I thought it might be inferior quality due to the lower prices. Maybe I should try something - but not beachwear, we are going into the cool months here.

    1. Trish, you will love Uniqlo for casual smart dressing. I have found that I must size up -- if I normally wear a medium, I (not always, but) often go with a large at Uniqlo. Of course, trying the clothes on will tell you if the same is true for you. For fall and winter, I like Uniqlo's merino wool sweaters. I have 2 goose down vests for layering and a short goose down coat. For the summer, I love Uniplo's bra dresses and cotton t-shirts. So much of my everyday clothing is from the store, and it is holding up as well as higher priced clothing! But I'm not afraid to machine wash and dry it.

  2. Not a beach person, especially w/my complexion, and my bikini-wearing days are behind me, but I love Uniglo for spring/summer (I did a piece on them last spring. You'll see your excellent comment:

    And I love Princess Tam-Tam clothes -- young and fun, but not too, too young for me.

    Excellent post, as usual.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. I'm glad to get your take on Uniqlo, Marie-Thérèse. I love these collaborations! I don't own a thing by Princesse Tam-Tam, but I like how ladylike the style is!