Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Papr Watch By Paprcuts

Geometric designs for the Papr Watch
Paprcuts, a Berlin start-up, was founded by Nils Wagner in 2012. The German company makes innovative, feather weight accessories, such as wallets, makeup bags and pouches.

Recently Paprcuts invented a trendy watch using the same material as in their other accessories. The material, which is called Tyvek®, derives from paper. Like regular paper, it is light-weight. Yet unlike ordinary paper, it is strong, durable and waterproof.
Animal designs
The new digital timepiece is called a Papr Watch, and it comes in 29 chic designs - from Retro, Maritime and Animal to Geometric and Black and White. Weighing less than a clove of garlic, there is a Papr Watch design to suit a variety of tastes.

A video (play it below) shows customers just how strong and durable the watch is by having two people tug the Papr Watch in opposite directions and tossing it into a glass of water. It does not break, or get ruined. Moreover, you get see how the watch wears on your arm.
Retro designs
The Papr Watch also glows in the dark, has an exchangeable battery, is nickel-free and sustainable. The band has a magnet closure.

What an innovative and unique watch! Are you tempted to buy one?

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