Thursday, May 18, 2017

What's Your Money Quirk?

Even people who are not tightwads have something they don't like to pay money for because perhaps they feel: If a person applies him/herself, he/she could get "it" for free. My father's money quirk was not wanting to pay for parking. An acquaintance of mine dislikes paying to check her coat at an event. I may have a touch of each since I will drove around a block several times, only pulling into a parking garage if there's no other place to park a car. Ditto with the coat checking. If I can be discreet and the layout of a gala allows it, I prefer holding onto my coat and my $5-$10. Plus at the end of the evening, I can just leave, if I don't have to return to a coat check.

But I'm not going to claim either of these examples as my money quirk. I'm going to list two others. 

1) Makeup bags - Buying cosmetic bags? I mean, what a waste of the green! There are so many promotions that give bags away for free. I keep a few of the freebies in a drawer, using them to organize not only my makeup, but small items while traveling. To boot, there's always inexpensive zip lock bags (get the ones with sliders) to carry articles in a suitcase.
2) Another item I'm too parsimonious ... err sensible to pay good money for are travel bottles. Sure, colorful matching travel containers look snazzy, but frankly I don't value them enough to spend $10-$20 for a set. Instead, what I do is pack a few of the product samples I get (again freebies) of face cream, body lotion, shampoos and conditioners, or sunscreen and use the samples while away from home. A ton of product samples weigh practically nothing, making them a breeze to pack. Once I reach my destination, I can usually stop at a drugstore to buy travel sizes of products if I need more, though usually I don't run out. In buying travel sizes, we get mini containers (free) with product in them!! Once empty refill those if you wish.

I like the ideas of making use of freebies, recycling and saving a few bucks.

So now let me open the discussion to you. Are there product(s) you are simply too frugal to buy because if you apply yourself, you can get "it" for free? Confess!

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  1. Dearest Debra,
    Well, in this post I'm 100% with you and do the very same.
    As for Money Quirk, it always has bothered both of us that often in Europe you had to pay for using the restroom! A hassle as one not always would have coins in that currency. Now with the EURO it is different but still I hate it.

    1. When I was a child, I travelled to Europe with my mother and remember the hassle of having to have coins to use the bathroom. I suppose it was used to keep the bathroom stocked in paper, soap and cleaned. I recall someone telling me that in the 1950s you also had to have coins to get into the stalls in some bathrooms in the US. Glad it's not something we must deal with in the here and now!

  2. Dear Debra, I, too, never buy make up bags, except for the occasional charity auction. The sample bags I receive I use to organize my back-up make up (there's another story there), just like you.

    I, also, love Ziploc bags for travel. You can see what you have at a glance, and when they're dirty, you just throw them away. No muss, no fuss.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Hi Marie-Thérèse,

      I hope you write a blog explaining the purpose of your back up makeup. It would make an interesting read.

      I have one of the clear pastic shoe boxes filled with unopened makeup. Extra powder, extra eyeshadow, extra blush, etc. Usually, they are products I like very much and bought on sale. Nowadays I don't let myself buy more than 2 of anything, one I use in the here and now and one on deck. But in the past I bought 4 - 5 of the products I loved if they were on sale. I make a real effort to buy less now.

      I like not having to disturb the makeup I keep in my bathroom for daily use. I keep extra lipstick and gloss in my purse and like packing a different cosmetic bag with makeup (I don't have to remore from the bathroom) for trips. And as a hostess, I usually can offer a guest makeup I haven't used, if they need something.

      So I'm eager to read about your backup makeup, M-T. Write away.