Friday, May 12, 2017

My Mom's Mother's Day Card

My Mom will surely quirk, "I'm your only mother."
This is the Mother's Day card I'm sending my Mamma. She does not like to receive fresh flowers, so I often send her cards decorated with pretty flowers so she doesn't miss out on the beauty of nature.

My Mom is an alien (or rather an overly practical German. Same thing!😄). Unfortunately, if she receives a vase of flowers, rather than focusing on how lovely and thoughtful real flowers are, she thinks about how much money will soon end up in the garbage. And ... how that money could have been spent on something more permanent.

Luckily, she approves, as well as, appreciates a pretty card and good wishes on a day that honors mothers. So I'm covered. I'm even allowed to buy a pretty card (but if crazy expensive, she would not approve). 

The last two years, I made her Mother's Day cards for fun, and they look fancy [free printable cards here]. Sometimes I throw in an unexpected nonperishable gift too. But it gets harder to select useful gifts as she grows older. As it is, a strong willed German prefers to select her own gifts. 

Certainly, the old saying applies, and flipping it: When Mamma is happy, everybody is happy!

Thank you, MOTHERS, for all your sacrifices. 


  1. A sweet card, Debbie, very pretty blooms which I'm sure your mother will appreciate. She sounds a lot like my late Mum, who was extremely practical and sometimes said 'What am I supposed to do with this?' when I gave her something decorative or pretty :)

    1. Oh my gosh, Trish. We are really sisters and didn't know it! :)