Friday, May 4, 2018

Lousiville After The Kentucky Derby

After watching the Kentucky Derby, a tourist must visit downtown Louisville for a friendly urban vibe. Main Street is lined with vintage, renovated buildings that have been turned into museums, restaurants, a bourbon distillery (offering free tastings!) and small shops.
Photo: Urban Explorer

From Main Street head on over to East Market Street (which realtors have renamed NuLu) to explore the coffee houses, bars (with delicious food!), as well as, the clothing, craft, furniture, antique and 2nd hand shops populating the block.
Garage Bar: Photo on Yelp by Craig C.
Louisvillians are serious about their food, drinks and hospitality among other things. A down-to-earth city with plenty to see and do.
Photo: SkyBluePrint

During Derby Week festivities begin with fireworks (known as Thunder Over Louisville), the Pegaus Parade, the Belle of Louisville boat race and hot air balloon races. Moreover, activities need not conclude with The Kentucky Derby. So if making the trip to see the race, be sure to build in a day or two to linger in town. You'll have a grand ole time with the locals! Oh yeah, put it on your bucket list.🌹

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  1. Dearest Debra,
    Wish I would be mobile again for exploring that part of the country as well.
    But meanwhile I've managed to scan 25% of our old letters/cards that we've saved in bags over the years. Making them digital and filing them per year is a neat way. Pieter gets to read his dear Mother's letters once more and also his two brothers' and reliving many memories... Than it gets tossed out!
    Good feeling and on June 12 I am able to toss my crutch as well.
    Time goes fast... thank goodness.

    1. A speedy final weeks of recovery, Mariette. Thank goodness, your injury won't keep you in crutches over the summer.

      You have put the need to stay close to home to good use, it seems. Are you and Pieter ok with tossing letter written in loved ones' hands? I totally understand a committment to clear out clutter. If in doubt with the letters, make sure you wait a beat. I like to declutter also. I'm always checking closets and donating barely used goods. I will soon go through my file cabinet as well.

      Hugs right back at you, Mariette!

    2. Debra, yes we're both pretty sure after reading them and also after having them digital, it can be tossed out. Sharing with my siblings has to be digital anyway, it would cost a fortune to mail the real thing out. It gives such peace of mind for leaving once a clean place where nobody needs to sift and sort through boxes of paper work! What I've learned from scanning this, that people ought to date things. So many times there is no date on the letter or card. Very hard to trace from the mailing stamp. Also a drawing or anything made by a kid, it all ought to be dated right away as that adds to its value. πŸ’—

    3. Mariette, thanks for sharing. It's lovely when there is real engagment on the blog. A lack of clutter is a topic close to my heart!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    4. What a great post about a great event. I attended the annual Kentucky Derby Day with friends at my local Country Club and had a fabulous time. Unfortunately, the horse I bet on came in dead last. Oh well..... We still had a wonderful time. The Run for the Roses is always a terrific event. Some day I hope to actually make it to Churchill Downs. I've got some great hats!!

      Cheers, M-T