Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Always Buy Good Jewelry Design

Queen Victoria's coronation ring
Queen Victoria had smaller hands then her predecessor, King William IV, so her carnation ring of a large sapphire, rubies and diamonds was made just for her. She left the ring to the Crown. It is part of the Crown Jewels.

Big rare Ceylon blue sapphires are rare in nature, making them expensive. What a shame to cover it up with rubies and close it off with diamonds. I wouldn't do a thing to this ring to preserve history. The ring has much British symbolism, but a better setting would show off the loveliness of all the magnificent top-notch stones.
As commoners much lower on the wage-food-chain, we don't have the luxury of poor jewelry design. A piece of fine jewelry we save up to buy becomes a waste if we don't love and wear it. What's more, many of us can't afford big, perfect stones. So the most important factor to consider is good jewelry design. How the stones are set and arranged matter. 

Don't worry. When you see good jewelry design you recognize it!

And guess what? With good design, less perfect stones can look stunning. A ring sparkles on a finger. Earrings glitter on the ears. A splurge without emptying a wallet is possible for a savvy shopper! So trust your eyes and your gut. Only buy what you love.

Diamonds (made of carbon) rate a 10 on the Mohl Scale of Stone Hardness. Sapphires (blue corundum, a mineral made of alumina and oxygen) and rubies (red corundum) are a 9, while emeralds (made of beryllium) rate an 8. All are hard enough for jewelry. Diamonds are common and plentiful in nature. Sapphires are rarer, followed by rubies, then emeralds. You should buy the gem you love not what costs the most. Why? Because jewelry is not an investment. And diamonds are not rare, but a demand created by marketing, beginning in the 1930s. Once you pay for a diamond ring and bring it home, it loses about half of its value.
The ruby and diamond pendent, belonging to Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain, a gift from her grandmother, Queen Victoria.
Ruby and diamond pendent neckless created for Macy's. Not nearly as pricey as the Queen's, (the ruby and diamonds are smaller and less perfect),  yet beautiful.
Still  jewelry with good design looks gorgeous. Gems catch the light and sparkle when the work of nature (which takes 1000s of years) is improved by a skillful human hand.

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  1. Victoria's Coronation ring is certainly interesting, and unique. And I like the Macy's pendant too. I wonder if another Queen will wear that ring one day!

    1. Trish, if the Briitish monarchy marches into the future, there is likely to be another Queen to wear it, especially now that brothers cannot remove a girl from succession. A very good and modern change!

      I love looking at jewelry, but don't feel the need to own the expenisve pieces. Like looking at museum paintings, I don't expect to take them home. I'd have nowhere to wear a cornation ring or a tiara. But I wouldn't say no to trying a brilliant, sparkling one on. :)

  2. Dearest Debra,
    Well, we cannot compare our jewels to the crown jewels of royalty... and should not.
    Love the emerald ring the best here; I love plain and simple in everything and I've never been a diamond lover as such... To me, that is a real American thing and it is not the same in Europe or else.
    Depends on marketing trends. Asians in general wear very elegant jewelry as well, just like the Italians and for me they both stand out.

    1. I'd love to try on a royal tiara, but would have nowhere to wear it in everyday life. The Crown Jewels would be so expensive to keep save ... and a worry. So I don't spend much time seriously coveting them. As a matter of fact, after dynasties fell in the 20th century, many royals ended up sellng their inherited jewels to pay the expenses of their new lives. Without a throne and having to look like a king or queen, having lofty jewelry was not very practical.

      You might find this point of view video interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMIv_rkY_r8.