Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lunya Restore Sleepwear

Lunya Restore sleepwear is not exactly fancy or cheap. But it is FDA tested to give you a better night's sleep. How so, you may ask? According to the company, the pajamas are made of celliant, a fabric that converts body heat into infrared energy. The infrared energy returns to recharge the body every night (just like your computer devices do when plugged into a proper source). The claim is, it increases your energy, helps you recover from your day of workouts and sleep comfortably and better. I don't know what science says, but millionaire athletes such as Tom Brady do wear celliant performance clothing to help their bodies recover from their sports.

As sleepwear goes, I like the minimalist, basic style. It is soft, smooth, cozy and modest enough to wear as a guest in someone else's home. And, I prefer the sleep dress, in a color (over neutrals). But for $68 to just under $180 ... ouch, I wish it costs less!

For the money, I'd be tempted to buy their washable silk pajamas ... but they don't claim to have any recharging properties. So nah, let's go with advanced technology. To be honest, I am slow to spend this chunk of change on pajamas. Tom Brady, probably not!

What do you think?🐑 

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  1. Restore sleepwear is certainly an interesting concept, and I can't begin to imagine how it would work in practice. I'm thinking it is more likely to keep me awake at night! Like you, I'd love those silk pyjamas, and they would be so coooool in our hot Summer.

    1. I like to try new products before blogging about them. However these pajamas were a bit steep to do so, and I don't think Tom Brady is for hire at blogger/writter wages. :) Oh, rats! Still, they peeked my interest.

      If the fabric "celliant" works, I predict other companies will enter the market, bringing the price of a pair down. The takeaway is to remember the buzz word "celliant" fabric.

      Or the company could send THE SAVVY SHOPPER a test pair, and I'll happily report back! :)

      Oh Trish, isn't it funny how your dear daughter moved from a very hot place in the world to such a wintery cold one. I bet she has a few amusing stories of her 1st Canadian winter. Interesting too how silk can keep a body warm or cool, depending on the need!