Thursday, November 29, 2018

Inside A Snow Globe With Santa At Bloomingdale's

On Black Friday I walked to Bloomingdale's to see their Christmas display. There were not many decorations compared to years past, when ornaments and trees took up half the floor. But they had a giant snow globe, and a lovely young lady asked me to step inside of it to have my picture taken with Santa. Sooo I did. (#Bloomies59) The day was very cold outside, and I am bundled up in layers, plus a goose down coat. It's hood was pulled up outside that day.
Photo: Associated Press (click to enlarge)  - The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was lite tonight.
During the Christmas season, I try to go to Macy's and Saks 5th Avenue also to see who is selling the most beautiful ornaments. Then there's a stroll over to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree, as well as, a stroll up and down 5th Avenue to gaze at store windows. St. Patrick's Cathedral will have a huge Nativity Scene, garland, white lights and poinsettias all over the church.

Let the holiday season begin! Have you, Dear Readers, bought any gifts yet?

Extra Tip: Don't miss the beautiful tree covered in blue lights a block away from Bloomingdale's at Bloomberg news.
The surronding trees are about 12 feet tall. The center one is several office floors tall.

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  1. Dearest Debbie,
    That indeed was a very special picture option at Bloomingdales!
    Love the winter stroll you describe here and would have enjoyed walking it with you.
    Very special and it sure has its magic in NYC of all places.
    I've only gotten the gift for my choir for our annual gift giving celebration with food and fun.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Oh my dear Marette, how I would enjoy taking a walk with you! Despite its reputation for vastness, unfriendliness (undesearved!) and cynical (which it is, as well as, being good-hearted and altruistic), New York City is festive, magical and intimate this time of year. It's a great walking city anytime, but such fun with the additions of colors, lights and glitter. Yes, it can also be expensive, yet you can have a fabulous time just walking and sightseeing! Of course, walking with a friend is double the pleasure!

    2. Yes dearest Debbie, that indeed would be double pleasure! ♥

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  3. How adorable you look in that snow globe. I have always loved snow globes and kept every single one from my childhood. Aren't we just tooo tooo critical of ourselves in pictures? If I'm not mistaken that may be the first picture I've seen of you other than your profile picture. Can we look forward to more????

    We will be in NYC again for the opera on the 23rd, but it will be just up and back so we won't get a chance to enjoy Christmas in NYC, which I adore.

    Our weekend stays begin again in January until the spring. Looking forward to that so very much.

    Warmest regards,

    1. Marie-Thérèse, thanks for the kind words. :) Luckily, the Bloomingdale's employee took this photo. For there to be more photos of me on the blog, I suppose I'd have to start taking selfies, as well as, get a better camera. I find it hard to take selfies. I always look like I'm straining ... stretching my arm to hold the camera out far enough, and it always shows in my face. :)

      I'm sure I'll occassionally post a photo ... if something interesting arises to share (and I'm in the photo) I'll share it.

      I hate to say it, but January will be here before we know it. Weekends in New York are fun, indeed. Lots of art and culture to enjoy!

  4. Oh dear, I nearly missed this lovely post. What a great photo of you and Santa in the snow globe; I would have taken the opportunity myself. Our grandson Oscar collects snow globes (so of course, I buy them for him). How nice to go for a stroll with you, to those places I remember so well from years ago. They all look gorgeous with Christmas lights. St Patrick's was the first really big international Cathedral I ever visited, and has a special place in my memories. It is so beautiful. Great post!

    1. Oh, come back to New York, Trish! A period of fun here, then another chance to go visit your daughter and grandchildren in Canada. See ... great reasons to cross the hemisphere! I'll be waiting. :)

      This year when I've been out shopping, I sometimes see a child fascinated by a snow globe. It seems to give them so much pleasure, that as a parent I'd likely buy it.

      I'm glad everybody is enjoying the snow globe pictures. As a blogger, it's always a balance of knowing whether or not to post shots with me in them.