Thursday, November 15, 2018

Find Something Gorgeous At Macy's Like Fine Jewelry

1) topaz with diamonds; 2) amethyst with diamonds; 3) pearls
It's the time of the year (again!) for me to feature a few awesome retailers and gift ideas to make your holiday shopping easy! You really can't go wrong at Macy's as the department store offers choice galore for every budget. Plus it has a long history of fantastic customer service. 
4) Tanzanites; 5) emeralds; 6) diamonds 
To be honest, it's not concierge customer service, but as an independent shopper, I'm ok with that. When I do need to ask a sales associate to help me, I always find them to be knowledgeable and honest about their wares. Plus the merchant strives to make things right if something goes wrong after you buy it, an invaluable trait. 

7) amethyst with diamonds; 8) blue sapphires with diamonds; 9) pink sapphires with diamonds
Today's blog features mid-priced jewelry made of real stones and 14k gold (with one silver medal ... the amethyst ring above left) you might consider for your mother, sister or daughter. Far from dirt cheap (as you may have to save up a few paychecks) yet they are affordable and durable gifts that should last a lifetime. 

As longtime readers know, I'm a fan of Macy's fine jewelry because jewelry is rarely an investment. Short of being the estate of Elizabeth Taylor or Queen Elizabeth II, you will rarely be able to resell your jewelry for the price you paid for it. Moreover, at Macy's never buy their jewelry at full price, but wait for a rock bottom promotion (such as Black Friday, Friends & Family Sales, Limited-Time-Specials)!

10) onyx, emeralds and diamonds; 11) rolls of pearls; 12) topaz, amethyst, topaz, citrine with diamonds
Macy's online customer associates offer excellent assistance too. I have telephoned them many times to help buy gifts. And, recently they helped me select a bed mattress with their information and tips. (After narrowing the possibilities, I visited the Herald's Square store knowing what mattresses to try for hardness.)

For this blog, I went online to the fine jewelry department category, selecting "sales", "clearance" and "last act" to pull up this array of gift ideas. Some are classic pieces, while others are modern or whimsical -- something to suite every taste and  occasion. The sparklers are: diamonds, sapphires (blue and pink), emeralds, amethysts, topaz (blue), Tanzanites (violet-blue), and citrine (orange).

13) diamonds; 14) diamonds; 15) emeralds with diamonds
I've had instances in a jewelry store when a total stranger asks me to help him select a piece of jewelry for his girlfriend. What a sweet jesture that he's there, I always think and am delighted to assist! I LOVE buying jewelry! I have also taken a 20-something man to Macy's to get his paramount a piece. I start by asking him for a range of what he wishes to spend, followed by the type of jewelry and stones she likes to wear. I ask what her favorite color is and what metals she tends to wear. If you know these answers, you'll get something she likes. There's less choice when buying men jewelry, but I have no doubt I could find the perfect piece! At Macy's the sales associates are very helpful ... and I find truthful.

Do you have a favorite? What do you wear more often ... earrings, rings or necklaces?

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