Wednesday, May 29, 2019

An Organized Purse

Although I've never been a slob, recently my organization gene kicked into high gear. Everything I own must have a home, including the things I keep in my purse.
So when the zipper on my crossover bag broke, I bought 2 new crossover bags from Foley & Corinna, a retailer previously featured on THE SAVVY SHOPPER. I selected their man made "liberated" leather, which feels like full-grain leather and endures through rain, show or shine. But perhaps what I like most are the pockets inside and out. There's a place for all my stuff from phone, wallet, makeup and odds and ends. Everything stays put and organized because it has a compartment. A home.
I got the 2 bags on sale, which is the reason I bought 2. Plus the crossovers are the exact size I need, with the same interiors, including the pockets. I plan to use one and save one for later. Occasionally, I do the same when finding a fabulous pair of walking shoes at a sale price.
If you own beautiful bags and desire to keep your contents organized, you can buy purse orgainizers to fit inside of your purses or totes. They cost between $19 - $30 depending on size, but are well worth the price to keep life orderly.
Every year I resolve to make an improvement. This year I hope to get rid of all the things I never use, that either hide behind other things in closets; or I keep just in case I might need them. Moreover, I know: I'll donate an item, then need it the very next week. So what, if I have to buy it again? I still want to hold unto less!

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  1. You really find some interesting things, Savvy Shopper! I have never noticed a handbag organizer on sale, but then maybe I have not thought to look. It sure makes things tidy, and I admit I have messy handbags with everything tossed in quickly....I need to reform, don't I?

    1. Oh no, Trish, you're about to catch my organization "bug." Once it enters our being, I think it's permanent! Nowadays I can't be bothered with searching for things. I simply want to grab them without effort. I read somewhere: when things have a home, it takes seconds to return them where they belong, and I know it's less frustating the next time one needs it.

      I do love these purse organizers, as well as, the Foley & Corinna bags -- designed functionally with their own interior organizers by the company heads, who are two women. They know what women want in a bag. The bags are super affordable too ... especially when you catch a sale.

  2. Dear Debra,
    How are you doing? :)
    This is Tamara from MiTBA kitchenware.
    I sent you an email 2 days ago but I'm not sure if you've seen it or not :(

    I really want you to be happy, this is why I'm writing you here, hopefully you will see my message :)

    I saw your feedback about our champagne stopper. I'm so sorry to hear that your champagne stopper broke!!

    Please know that this issue isn't supposed to happen, I'm so sorry that it happened to you! :(

    We are a small family brand, and we're extremely customer oriented. I honestly want to make people's lives better, and I wouldn't want anyone to walk around feeling he didn't get the full value of his purchase.

    I would really like to send you a new champagne stopper as a replacement!
    Please confirm me and answer to me on and I'll take care of it :)

    I really hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you Debra, and again, I'm so sorry!! :(


    1. Oh how I adore a company which stands behind its products. It's what makes a retailer great! I'll send you an email. Thanks for reaching, Tamara!