Monday, September 16, 2019

Color Sensational® Made For All Lipstick By Maybelline

Photo: The Today Show
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First up is Maybelline's recent launch of a new line of lipstick called  Made For All Lipstick by Color Sensational® that is created to be universally flattering on all skin tones. So if you wear lipstick, you can wear any of the 7 new shades!

Rich pigments, the lipstick is moist and creamy and looks fabulous on everybody, regardless of skin color, or undertones. They are 7 beautiful, classic colors also! Satin and matte lipsticks, the hues are a range of nude, pink, red and plum.

Maybelline calls their 
Color Sensational® Made For All Lipstick a game changer that takes the guesswork out of selecting lipstick. It's a makeup item that made Allure magazine's Best Of Beauty 2019 list; and customers give the formula and colors high ratings too.

Nudes are trendy and safe, but now women can break out of their comfort zones to try new shades of pinks, plums or reds! Go wild with confidence!
Photo: thehappysloths

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