Thursday, July 2, 2020

Fabulous Deals Now At Macy's, Old Navy And More

Macy's emerald tennis bracelet (20 ct. t.w.) in sterling silver 
Great news: Retailers are opening their doors and offering sales to welcome customers back! The following deals are too good and tempting to pass up:

1) Macy's is offering a 50% - 75% epic summer sale on apparel, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. What a lovely 20-carat emerald tennis bracelet above, which is also offered in certified rubies. The sale includes more expensive necklaces, bracelets and rings. As an example, I selected a lovely budget-friendly piece that won't break the bank! In sterling silver (a precious metal), plus real emeralds for the price of costume jewelry. If you miss this particular sale, put the item on your wish list on Macy's website, then wait for the sale to come around again. Count on it happening!
2) Old Navy High-Waisted Slim Boot-Cut Yoga Pants - I'm letting my secret out of the bag. In the fall and winter I wear these substantial cotton and spandex yoga pants with a top and blazer for events -- the combo looks like business attire, and nobody is the wiser! The pants are jet-black, opaque and smooth, and they are so comfortable! The high-waisted slim boot-cut suits me, but there are several styles of yoga pants for every~body. Best deal for the quality in town. None better!
3) Crew-neck t-shirts - This year it was time for me to replace old, weathered t-shirts. Based upon quality alone, the t-shirts from L.L. Bean, Landsend and Uniqlo in the order listed are what I like buying. Although L.L. Bean is my top pick for high caliber t-shirts, I buy t-shirts from all 3 merchants based upon the price, sales, and colors available. All 3 retailers have good quality cotton t-shirts to last for several seasons of wear. A few weeks ago, I went with Landsend. In years past I also purchased t-shirts from Old Navy, but this year they only have neutral colors (white, black, grey), and I love t-shirts in vivid colors! 
4) Old Navy Swing Dresses - I highly recommend buying O.N.'s swing dresses to wear all summer long. Frankly I favor cotton because the fabric lasts longer, but Old Navy makes these practical and cool (knitted) rayon dresses so cheap, it's quibbling. Every spring the retailer returns their swing dresses in new colors and patterns. I got the above floral red dress at the store today for $10.93 on sale! How could I not bring it home!

Certain stores (including Ulta and Uniqlo) are not yet ready for in-store shopping, but you can go to their websites for details on ordering, then can go to the store for "curbside pick up" of the goods. Moreover some merchants offer both in-store and curbside side pickup services (like Macy's, Saks, Bloomingdales, Old Navy, H&M and Sophora). Check the websites of your favorite retailers ... and support them if you can. They want you back and are showing it with sales and extra services. Show brick and mortar stores some love! They were hurt by the shutdown. Let them know you're glad to be back!

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  1. You have found some good bargains today Debbie. The emerald tennis bracelet is quite adorable - it would look good with a bright green skirt I saw today :) I can't hardly believe the low price of the cute red dress, what a find, just perfect for Summer. I like Uniqlo tee shirts too, and have a few on the go most times. You sure would look stylish in those yoga pants, they have a great sleek line to them. Happy shopping!

    1. Trish, I always value your thoughts because you have great tastes and make good decisions. I'm happy you too like the dress!

      I would love that emerald tennis bracelet but can't buy everything or I'd go broke. But if ever the right time came about for a splurge, the bracelet goes on promotion often, so I'd wait for the rock bottom price to roll around before snatching it up. Maybe my one of my readers will do the same … for a birthday or special occasion!