Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Nutmeg Mill ... Nice!

William Bounds Nutmeg Mill, Chrome
My mom and aunt (her sister), add nutmeg to nearly every dish they prepare, including meats, vegetables, soups and desserts.  They have all the cooks in the family believing that nutmeg makes nearly every food taste better; and like medicine, nutmeg is very good for us.  We simply must sprinkle some into whatever we whip up.  Well ... I have been brainwashed, and mostly I comply!

Recently, I received a gift I did not even know I wanted -- a nutmeg mill.  Had I read the product reviews, I would have been reluctant to buy it.  Some of the reviewers are unhappy with it, but mine is fantastic.  It's easy to hold and turn and seems to have the right amount of tension.  The rotary blades are stainless steel.  They grind a fair amount of nutmeg quickly, and the shavings are not exactly a powder, but a fine texture.  My trick is the turn the handle in both directions to keep the shavings coming.

I love my new hand-cranked, kitchen gadget. Fresh shaved nutmeg is superior to already ground nutmeg.

The nutmeg mill comes with 4-5 whole nutmegs, which are conveniently stored inside a clear acrylic chamber.  I find that unscrewing the top to pop in a new nutmeg is simple and hassle-free.  Several reviewers say, the mill doesn't grind as well with old nutmegs.  So a tip is to always use fresh, hard nutmegs to have the ease and just-right-size shavings of nutmeg.  Plus using the mill, you will save your fingertips too! It's a handy, not to mention, attractive kitchen tool. $24-$30.

By the way, ever wonder what a nutmeg is?  It's a seed or kernel, not a bulb or nut.

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