Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Design Your Own Shoes

Have you ever had a certain shoe style in mind, but after a day of shopping came home empty handed? Shopping for new shoes without finding what you're looking for is frustrating, right? 

Well as it turns out, there are online shoe companies who are set up to let you design your own shoes. Craft your perfect shoes part by part. You pick the material, color, toe, heel and embellishments. You end up with shoes that are uniquely yours ... well almost.

I can see a bride going this route for bridesmaids who are different heights, or have different tastes. You can create shoes with elements that are uniform yet individual, so that each member of your wedding party can wear their shoes after your wedding; or you may have a special occasion and need a very specific style and color of shoe that you can't find in stores. So to own it, you will have to design it yourself.

Prices range from $150 to about $300, depending on the details you choose. It isn't dirt cheap, but still affordable for what is essentially customized shoes.

Retailers include:
Milk And Honey - Fashion shoes
Shoes of Prey - Fashion shoes
The Shoe Design Studio - Fashion shoes
iShoes by iTailor - Men's shoes
NikeiD - Sports shoes
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  1. Please don't forget Upper Street, the UK's only luxury design your own shoe label at www.upperstreet.com and they also have a free iPad app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/upper-street-shoe-designer/id569834652?ls=1&mt=8