Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rubbermaid Easy-Find-Lids Set(s) At Walmart

Plastic food containers have a way of disappearing or wearing out.  So I needed a new set. Although I would rather have glass, plastic is far more practical.  It takes up less room in a cupboard and won't break when dropped.  That's why I selected this rubbermaid set.

Walmart is offering a super deal.  2 sets: 56 pieces for $20.  Here is what you get:

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 24-Piece Plus 4 Food Storage Set x 2 =
  • (16) ½-cup containers with lids
  • (8) 1 ¼-cup containers with lids
  • (8) 2-cup containers with lids
  • (8) 3-cup containers with lids
  • (8) 5-cup containers with lids
  • (8) 7-cup containers with lids
Microwave, freezer and dishwsher safe, the containers are sturdy and cleverly designed.  Despite being BPA-free, I never microwave food in plastic.  But here's a useful feature, the lids snap to each other and also to the bottom of the containers, so you are less likely to lose them.

Another fantastic deal is, you can order merchandise online from Walmart and receive free shipping.  The online-retailer will ship an order that is under $45 to a Walmart store, or to your nearest Fed Ex Office for you to pick up.  And, if your order is $45 or more, you get it shipped free to your home.  You can order toilet paper, or paper towels to make up the difference and enjoy the convenience of home delivery.  Bargains, plus convenience, make shopping online worthwhile.

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  1. It gets tricky when you have similar sizes from different sources- impossible to get the right top with the right bottom. As long as you stick with one family, like the Walmart family of food storage described here, it's good. If you must mix- try for color coding or you will be forever trying to match the top with the right bottom. By the way, these types of storage are excellent for hardware also, especially when you can stack them.

  2. I am looking for a set too! Thanks for the tip. Awesome price!