Monday, December 17, 2018

Sweets And Treats As Holiday Gifts

Some people are difficult to buy gifts for because they really don't need anything, or we are unsure of their tastes. For these folks I select delicious treats I'd be delighted to receive. If I don't know what you want, I'll get you what I want, (and ha, maybe you'll share it with me!😋) Here are 5 additional gifts to consider:

1) Dark chocolate Belgium truffles (see above↑) would probably top my list. A special treat at Christmas when visions of sugar plums are dancing in our heads!
2) Dark chocolate is also perfection combined with a thick layer of white chocolate and pieces of peppermint. Williams-Simona offers their peppermint bark starting in November. Select dark, or milk chocolate.
A refreshing and irresistible candy; and this year you can personalize the tin, if you wish. Putting a name on the tin adds an $8 charge.
3) With cookies and sweets in abundance, a gift of deluxe nuts is a lovely change ... and healthy. This salty snack may last into the New Year.
4) A box of chocolate covered Oreos is another holiday gift idea. You can either purchase them finished; or buy Oreos, dip them into melted Baker's chocolate and box them yourself for less money, depending on how busy and industrious you are. Cheapest price/but for 5 lbs at
5) The last gift idea is a box of good ole American Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Nuts selling at your local drugstore. As a child, I often got a box for Christmas. A winning combination of milk chocolate and nuts, and the quality of the chocolate is good (which unforturnately isn't always true of American chocolate).

All are gifts people can share with family and friends during the holidays. A hostess needs refreshments to welcome extra people into a home, so thoughtful gifts, indeed!

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  1. We always have chocolate around at Christmas at our house! How lovely to receive it as a gift. Dark Belgian chocolate is my absolute favourite.

    1. They are so delicious! Perhaps everybody's favorites. :)

  2. Dearest Debbie,
    Oh, those Godiva chocolates had their US factory in Reading PA at the time Pieter was VP Training & Development for the Mushroom Division. We had a special card that allowed us to buy their products at low rate at the company store in N.J. Which we did of course, in 2007 with my sister and her significant other, we stashed those bags of dark raspberry chocolate (my favorite!) in our cool box! I've frozen them often for keeping them on hand year round. BUT in December of 2007 they sold Godiva to a Turkish company... You can read here:
    So no more indulging in those naked, unwrapped chocolates we got for a steal. The wrapped and boxed ones are prized over the top! I'd rather make my own chocolates instead.
    During our years of International Consulting together, when we did get an upgrade on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, they too offered a Godiva Chocolate on a tray, as after dinner treat with coffee.
    My favorite is the dark variety, always has been. Like my Dad, he too preferred dark. Most love the sweeter milk but that is containing more sugar and less cocoa!

    1. I like the dark chocolate too. When you eat a rich, deep, dark chocolate, you tend not to overindulge. One or two chocolates usually satisfies your craving.