Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Die Coronavirus Die!

Photo: AP - Electron microscope image shows the coronavirus that causes COVID-19
I'm of the mind that you should never deal with a crisis, or challenge by allowing fears to overtake you. Nor do I believe you should bury your head in the sand. Knowledge is power IMHO in solving problems. Try to find out all you can about an issue by consulting crediable sources to answer your questions. Ignore fools who may take you down the wrong path. Every life that can be saved is worth saving! We must listen to scientists to fight a disease! Proceed with caution and common sense; than go on with your life. Our leading experts of infectious diseases tell us we may have to stay home for another 2 months -- plus keep 6 feet apart from non-family when we must go out for food, medicine and vital services -- to flatten the curve of Coronavirus. Without a vaccine, isolation is the only measure that stops the spread of the disease. So let's all count on doing so until scientists tell us it is no longer necessary. And continue to wash your hands like a maniac!
Although there are no known cases of ANYONE catching coronavirus by eating food ...  after buying unwrapped celery from the supermarket (which after arriving home I scoured with hot water and a tiny bit of soap in my kitchen sink), I asked the internet: 

1) Can I kill coronavirus by freezing? 
The answer: Temperature not reported, but no; in a lab it preserved them for 2 years. Normally they die in days;

Getty: Spikes make Coronavirus sticky.
2) Can I kill coronavirus by boiling? 
The answer: Yes, at 132 F for 1/2 hour;

3) Can I microwave coronavirus to death? 
The answer: Yes, at 800 watts for 2 minutes. Most small 1.4 cubic ft microwaves are 1000 watts.

Die, coronavirus, die! I'm home too much, and LOOK, how I'm spending my time!

Together we'll defeat this pandemic! In a year or two, a vaccine will be ready. But for now, stay home, be vigilant, stay well!
Source: circulating on Facebook

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