Monday, June 1, 2020

Sweater Clips Are Useful

Finalyson Half-Sleeve T-shirt Dress
I'm a huge fan of a T-shirt dress so when Uniqlo put them on sale for under $20 I bought one to get me through the spring season. Cozy to wear at home and nice enough to run errands in around the neighborhood without a change of clothes. The 100% cotton is thick and super soft. Half sleeves let you wear the dress without a sweater. Two practical side pockets sold me on the dress. A smart purchase at an unbeatable price. And yet, I only ordered one dress (not all the patterns available) because the dress is boxy, not an A-line cut, which I knew from customer reviews. To give it a shape I use a sweater clip. 
I'm considering ordering 2 matching gold sweater clips to attach to the sides of the dress instead of using a single clip which I attach to either the front, or the back of the dress. Some of the metal sweater clips are fancy like jewelry. Or I may be happy with the one I own.

Truthfully I never use a sweater clip to close a sweater. Do you? If I start, then I can justiful ordering 2 more!
Photo: Walmart

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  1. That is a very nice Uniqlo dress, and I hope it arrives here for our Spring in September. It reminds me of the spotted Marimekko design dress I bought at Uniqlo, with the same sleeves. Such a useful dress. Love the sweater clips, which I rarely see here. The Walmart ones are very pretty - and useful too.

    1. Trish, I'm happy that sleeves are back! For several years every dress was sleeveless! I need sleeves to get me through the spring! Happy to see you back online too, my blogging friend!:)