Monday, May 27, 2024

Which Length Of Shorts Are You?

All photos and shorts courtesy of Land's End - 5" shorts
The length of shorts reminds me of The Three Bears story. Different heights for different likes. Depending on stature, weight, age, and preferences, one length may be too long, another too short, and still another just right. 

3" shorts
Nowadays I favor 5" shorts as just right. 5" shorts are forgiving and versatile. If you show too much skin, leg, and flesh, you can't wear your shorts everywhere ... certainly not sightseeing in Rome if you expect to enter St. Peter's Basilica. 

8" shorts
I'm not sure I like 8" shorts, although at 5' 7'' I'm tall enough to wear them. Shorts should not look like grandma's bloomers and you want to keep cool in hot, humid August. A try-on would settle it.

9" shorts
Certainly, you don't want your shorts 
too tight or too loose either as they'll look like they don't fit. Too wide and they'll look frumpy, and if the rear doesn't fit, Fuhgeddaboudit!   

Which length of shorts are you?

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